character creation

  1. M

    How do you "Herbie"?

    I have had two things collide in my life at the moment. Currently, I am writing Section 50.0 for my game (Once More Into the Breach). This section includes Vehicles and Robots.. including those of a mystic nature. There is also a list of Examples to Do, things that people might want to see (like...
  2. M

    CCC 2023 Continuation: Where the Wild Characters Are Pub Edition

    It takes 28 days to make (or break) a habit. (well 21-28 days depending on whom you listen to.) I have spent 31 days doing something - making characters. This is my second (and a half) year doing #CharacterCreationChallenge. My post-mortem this year will be a little different than last year...
  3. xanther

    Atomic Highway Expanded - Handy Character Creation Charts v1 2018-08-23

    When crafting a AH character you need to choose a Rearing and then Pursuit. These mostly determine your potential starting skills. Under pursuits you almost always have an option of choosing a one or two from a list. The information, however, is presented in paragraphs for each Rearing and...
  4. Lunar Ronin

    Novus Character Creation Walk Through 2017-08-30

    This is the official Novus character creation guide PDF. Uploaded since the Firehawk Games web site no longer exists.
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