character sheet

  1. Z-Man

    Fate Core Sci-Fi Character Sheet 1.0

    This was designed specifically for the Strange Stars setting, but should work for any Fate Core sci-fi game.
  2. Z-Man

    Fate Core Western Character Sheet 1.0

    An old west-themed Fate Core sheet meant to look like the side of a wooden building, with notes, posters and news clippings tacked to it.
  3. Z-Man

    Fate Core Horror Character Sheet 1.0

    A pretty easy-to-use Fate Core character sheet, designed for specifically for a horror-themed game. Feel free to shoot me any questions!
  4. Terry RW Whisenant

    Savage Worlds: Character Creation worksheet with leveling tracker - form fillable

    Here's a rework on one of my character creation sheet, now with clickable buttons!
  5. GibletBlizzard

    Star Wars D6 Character Sheet (5 pages)

    Something I made.
  6. Nick J

    Magic World Form-fillable Character Sheet 2.3.2

    Version 2.3.1 Final. Link to plain, no-art version of the sheet I've hosted this on BRP central for a couple of years and figured, "what the hey, I'll put it here too." This is just a form-fillable sheet that uses a lot of javascript to calculate lots of things like damage bonus, major wound...
  7. Lunar Ronin

    Blood of Heroes: Special Edition Character Sheet 2017-09-03

    This is the official Blood of Heroes: Special Edition character sheet. Uploaded since Pulsar Games web site no longer exists. This character sheet can also be used for DC Heroes.
  8. Lunar Ronin

    Novus Character Sheet 2017-08-30

    This is the official fillable Novus character sheet PDF. Uploaded since the Firehawk Games web site no longer exists.
  9. TristramEvans

    Awesome Character Sheets

    What are the best (most beautiful/aesthetically pleasing/evocative) character sheets you've come across? Official or fanmade. I'll start us off with this wonderful one by DiTerlizzi ... (DiTerlizzi did one for each Basic D&D class; the others can be found here...
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