1. Obscuriat Walser

    Fictional city in 1920s Germany?

    Hello everyone, we are a small group of friends who are passionate about building fictional worlds and adventures in our free time. We finally managed to publish our first adventure after a long time (see below). And hopefully it won't be the last one. To give the whole thing a framework, we...
  2. Korgoth

    What is 'YOUR' favourite iteration of the D100 system and why?

    When I was a young lad and role-played more often I strangely don't recall ever seeing Call of Cthulhu or RuneQuest out in the wild (Brick & Mortar stores). I've always checked up on it over the decades, I even own a few versions of some of the books, namely 'Legend' by Mongoose and the newest...
  3. Voros

    Reign of Terror - CoC Meets the French Revolution

    I recently came across this in hardcover on Amazon. Looks potentially terrific, I love the central idea. Has anyone played it or checked it out? I haven't checked out any modern Chaosium product, although I've got Peterson's Abominations on order, and wonder if they are the same high...
  4. Harl Quinn

    [Call of Cthulhu] "Modernizing" the Theron Marks manual

    A while back, I came across talk about the "Field Manual of the Theron Marks Society" - a handout that was part of Terror From The Stars. I managed to secure a copy of the adventure along with the handout and read through it. Intrigued, I was inspired to start a new campaign ("Ghosthounds of...
  5. Ronnie Sanford

    Perfect Call of Cthulhu Miniatures?

    Saw this and I think I am going to have to contribute. Make sure and listen to the video - it's cute!
  6. Ronnie Sanford

    Assigning skills & traits in Revolution D100

    I was thinking about using RD100 type skills and traits in my next CoC game but I had a few questions (Note I have the book but not with me). 1. In RD100 how is the number of skill points you get for a character determined? 2. How do you calculate the number of traits a character can have per...
  7. Imperator

    Music for Classic Call of Cthulhu

    Well, what the title says. This Sunday I will be running a one-shot for a friend who hasn't ever played CoC and considers it a shame or something :D I like to use music for my games, albeit low volume and non distracting, and so I am always on the hunt for new music, specially as my wife gets...
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