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  1. Voros

    Nightbreed Comic from Boom! Any good?

    I spotted this on my newly acquired Comixology account and didn't realize they had created a comic series based on the Barker film/novella. Art looks pretty good, although the interior art is a bit more conventional than seems appropriate for Barker and the material, but usually I find it is...
  2. Voros

    Image Comics

    Ironically, Image Comics back in the 90s played a big part in driving me away from mainstream comics due to Liefield and Spawn, etc. but these days they release some of the better series out there I think. For instance I really dig Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillip's Criminal anthology series of...
  3. Dumarest

    An interview with Alan Moore

    For those of you who find him talented or interesting: There is hope for him yet: "Increasingly I think the best version of Batman was Adam West, which didn’t take it...
  4. Tyberious Funk

    Why Not Supers?

    In 30 years of roleplaying, I've never been able to get a Supers game off the ground. I got close on a couple of occasions, starting a couple of games using DC Heroes, mostly by dressing it up as Totally Not Supers (TM). One game was Buffy-style (before there was a Buffy RPG), with PCs playing...
  5. Endless Flight

    Diamond Comic Distributors No Longer Taking In New Comics (Link)
  6. F

    Can't decide what comic to read next any suggestions?

    so I finally finished reading the complete run of Spawn after about a year and I'm bit unsure what comic series/ run to read next. Prior to the Spawn run I had quite enjoyed Batman Court of the Owls but I think I've since acquire a taste for over the top hijinks. I'd like to narrow the choices...
  7. Voros

    Troubleshooters: The Makers of Kult doing a Tintin-like RPG!

    So Helmgast, the company behind the excellent reboot of Kult are going to be releasing a game called The Troubleshooters based on Tintin-like adventure Eurocomics. Certainly a change of pace from the horrors of Kult!
  8. Jerry

    Cowboy Dracula is now Live!

    Good news Khepera Publishing friends! There is a project I’ve been working on for a while, and it's coming to fruition. Cowboy Dracula is the new youtube channel, and we are ramping up with comic talk, RPG actual plays, and generally highly opinionated discussion about all sorts of genre...
  9. Templum Domini

    Anime and Manga Discussion Thread

    I keep wondering why we don't have one before. So, I guess this is the first? I'll be up-front with it, I like Anime and Manga. Does anyone else like it too (Besides @Doc Sammy , who I am inviting on this thread)?
  10. Voros

    Dungeons and Dragons Comics at DC

    I read a few of these as a kid in the 80s and was really taken by the centaur character and colourful art, plus it was D&D. But I could never find more of them, this was when I was just looking at the local corner store for my comics. So I thought I'd check them out now on my Kindle, some are...
  11. TristramEvans

    Best Comic Panels of All Time

  12. Voros

    DC Comics

    Growing up I was a strictly Marvel kid when it came to superhero comics. I wasn't anti-DC, just too much into the X-Men, Spiderman and their derivatives to have the time or money for anything else. Later I read a lot of Vertigo, Sandman, some Vigilante and a lot of Alan Moore's DC stuff...
  13. Johnny Blade

    What have you been reading?

    Books are media after all. I've been rereading the Brother Karamazov for about the third time and some of Aristophanes's comedies in between to lighten the mood. Brothers K grows and grows on me with each rereading, and Aristophanes is still so freaking actual It's scary. What about you?
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