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  1. SJB

    Conan: Shadow of the Sorcerer

    I’d be interested hear about Jason Durall’s new Conan campaign, The Shadow of the Sorcerer. It sounds great but the Modiphius Conan line tends to be all fur coat and nae knickers. And 2d20.
  2. Gabriel

    Siembieda > Gygax

    I was looking at the Gygax vs Reality topic. I don't really have anything to comment or add there, but it did spawn a random thought that the more I turned it over and around, I couldn't help but feel was true. Kevin Siembieda was a better RPG creator than Gary Gygax. I dunno. I'll leave my...
  3. Raleel

    Mythras Hyborian Age Character Pack + Resources 1.0

    This is a collection of Mythras characters done up for a Hyborian Age campaign. The characters are largely with the same point totals, though there may be some variations. The resources directories contains some maps found online as well as a very nice combat style guide created by RangerDan on...
  4. W

    Best magic system or spell library, etc.

    Hi all, My GM and I are working on converting our High Octane homebrew system into a Conan-esque sword and (low-fantasy) sorcery style game. I've looked through as many Conan ad Conan-esque RPGs (the 2d20 system, the d20 system, the 80s TSR games, ASSH, Barbarians of Lemuria) as I can find, and...
  5. D

    [Sell Me On/Off] Modiphius 2d20

    How does it work in play? What kinds of effects does it generate? What are the differences between how the system works between different game lines?
  6. CRKrueger

    Conan 2d20 Quickstart Playtest: To Race the Thunder

    Since Endless Flight has some questions about Conan 2d20, I'll repost a playtest. WARNING: THIS IS A LONG POST So, I ran the Conan Quickstart adventure last night. I didn’t slow down to keep track of everything, die roll by die roll, it would have been a mechanics test, not an adventure. We...
  7. Endless Flight

    Gaming in Hyboria

    So, there is a new Conan game out there by Modiphius and I've perused the quickstart rules and I wasn't inspired. I did play the d20 version by Mongoose years ago and it wasn't bad. Is there something you would recommend? Maybe I should give Modiphius another chance? Maybe reskin something else?
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