cortex prime

  1. Dammit Viktor

    Marvel Heroic Roleplaying - eXiles - Posthumous Honors [MHR][RPOL][PBP]

    I'm starting a new play-by-post game-- eXiles style superheroics using the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying rules, modified for the adventure format. Players are allowed to play an "alternate universe" version of (almost) any canonical Marvel character, hero or villain, who is "recruited" by a...
  2. Lessa

    Cortex Prime

    So, the recent talk about it kicked some nostalgia. Me and my brother playing Wolverine and Black Widow in some classified ops accross the globe was super fun with Marvel Heroic. How is Prime? The official site is certainly pretty. Will there be specific games or settings for it, like Firefly...
  3. Dammit Viktor

    (play-by-post) Planescape/Star•Drive Crossover on Myth-Weavers

    I am starting a new game-- the biggest of my White Whales, the Planescape/Star•Drive crossover. The Planescape and Star•Drive games are run separately, but concurrently, with the same players as the two settings slowly merge and the players have to uncover the shocking truth behind the mysteries...
  4. Dammit Viktor

    Cortex Prime Hack for Wuxia/Urban Fantasy

    Tales from Cascade City is my urban fantasy setting, except I hate all that Gothic Horror shit, so I replaced all the vampires and werewolves of your average paranormal romance and replaced them with yokai and little green men. Thinking my best best for making a playable game out of it is Cam...
  5. Dammit Viktor

    Tales from Cascade City (Urban Wuxia)

    Based on the interest expressed in What IP/games would you like to see?, I thought I'd start a thread for each of my ongoing gaming/fiction projects to discuss what I'm trying to accomplish. Been more focused on the fiction side of this one, but Tales from Cascade City is the title I want to...
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