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  1. Voros

    Pulp/Sf/Fantasy Paperback Covers

  2. Voros

    Penguin Paperback SF Covers

    Someone on the Tabletop RPG Book Club on G+ posted this cool link to an overview of Penguin’s paperback sf covers over the years. I have a number of these. Some of favourites are the modernist abstract art covers they used for the Brian Aldiss edited anthology of sf short stories. I also...
  3. TristramEvans

    The Worst RPG Covers of All Time

    Here's a thread devoted to those delightfully bad RPG covers, and our hobby has produced more than a few over the years. I'll start with perhaps the most infamously unintentionally awful, by title alone..
  4. Endless Flight

    Comic Book Covers

    What are some of your favorite comic book covers? I'll give you the one that was my favorite from my childhood. I was about 11 when Secret Wars #10 came out. I was amazed by Mike Zeck's cover. So much detail. The defiant post of Dr. Doom. I attempted to draw it myself. Wasn't quite as good as...
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