1. Necrozius

    D20 (any) Spellcasting rolls instead of slots

    So I've been really warming up to the concept of spellcasting rolls instead of spell slots (Vancian or otherwise) in D&D, in general. A few Youtube personalities have talked about this, including Dungeon Craft and House DM (great vids, check them out), pulling from Dungeon Crawl Classic's...
  2. Dammit Victor

    Sagas of the Galaxy Rangers - d20/OSR Space Fantasy

    Continuing from this thread; starting a new thread because I've got a strong working title and a clearer picture of what I'm trying to accomplish. Sagas of the Galaxy Rangers will be a space fantasy game/setting deeply in D&D tradition, planetary romance and space opera, and Japanese RPGs and...
  3. Consonant Dude

    [D&D pseudo clone] Dropping the ability modifier, keeping the ability score

    There are some (many?) who feel having both an ability score and an ability modifier is kinda redundant in D&D and its variants. What I have seen is a lot of games who dropped the ability score and instead used only the modifier. Problem is, I have always seen the ability score as the more...
  4. Dammit Victor

    FaerieGodfather's "Sellswords & Godwars" - formerly Untitled "Hybrid Retroclone"

    This is a separate thread to discuss my Untitled Retroclone without the trapping of the Galactic Dragons setting... thus, with a more traditional D&D race/class selection and technology level. It started as a D&D retroclone, combining the AD&D Player's Option rules with a simplified d20...
  5. Dammit Victor

    Galactic Dragons: Immortal Heroes of the Celestial Aether (Semi-OSR d20)

    Based on the interest expressed in What IP/games would you like to see?, I thought I'd start a thread for each of my ongoing gaming/fiction projects to discuss what I'm trying to accomplish. Galactic Dragons grew out of one of my perennial White Whales-- the need to implement the Player's...
  6. TristramEvans

    Fantasy Riddes 2017-09-29

    D20 sourcebook published free online that provides numerous examples of riddles for use in fantasy games, as well as some sub-systems
  7. Endless Flight

    Gaming in Hyboria

    So, there is a new Conan game out there by Modiphius and I've perused the quickstart rules and I wasn't inspired. I did play the d20 version by Mongoose years ago and it wasn't bad. Is there something you would recommend? Maybe I should give Modiphius another chance? Maybe reskin something else?
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