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  1. D

    Sagas of the Galaxy Rangers - d20/OSR Space Fantasy

    Continuing from this thread; starting a new thread because I've got a strong working title and a clearer picture of what I'm trying to accomplish. Sagas of the Galaxy Rangers will be a space fantasy game/setting deeply in D&D tradition, planetary romance and space opera, and Japanese RPGs and...
  2. Consonant Dude

    [D&D pseudo clone] Dropping the ability modifier, keeping the ability score

    There are some (many?) who feel having both an ability score and an ability modifier is kinda redundant in D&D and its variants. What I have seen is a lot of games who dropped the ability score and instead used only the modifier. Problem is, I have always seen the ability score as the more...
  3. D

    FaerieGodfather's "Sellswords & Godwars" - formerly Untitled "Hybrid Retroclone"

    This is a separate thread to discuss my Untitled Retroclone without the trapping of the Galactic Dragons setting... thus, with a more traditional D&D race/class selection and technology level. It started as a D&D retroclone, combining the AD&D Player's Option rules with a simplified d20...
  4. D

    Galactic Dragons: Immortal Heroes of the Celestial Aether (Semi-OSR d20)

    Based on the interest expressed in What IP/games would you like to see?, I thought I'd start a thread for each of my ongoing gaming/fiction projects to discuss what I'm trying to accomplish. Galactic Dragons grew out of one of my perennial White Whales-- the need to implement the Player's...
  5. TristramEvans

    Fantasy Riddes 2017-09-29

    D20 sourcebook published free online that provides numerous examples of riddles for use in fantasy games, as well as some sub-systems
  6. Endless Flight

    Gaming in Hyboria

    So, there is a new Conan game out there by Modiphius and I've perused the quickstart rules and I wasn't inspired. I did play the d20 version by Mongoose years ago and it wasn't bad. Is there something you would recommend? Maybe I should give Modiphius another chance? Maybe reskin something else?
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