dc comics

  1. Apparition

    DC Deck-Building Game

    This is a card game, not a board game nor a miniatures game, but this was as close a forum I could find for it. A friend recommended the DC Deck-Building Game to me. Does anyone know anything about it? It looks like it first came out in 2013, and then had a new edition called Rebirth come out...
  2. C-Moon

    Suicide Squad in SWADE?

    With the teasers coming out for the new Suicide Squad film and the research into SWADE/Suzerain I do as part of my job, I was wondering which edges and hindrances you'd give each suicide squad member?
  3. Apparition

    DC Universe to Stream DC Heroes

    DC Universe (a WarnerMedia streaming service dedicated to everything DC Comics), just announced a new series: DCU All-Star Games. It will feature celebrities playing tabletop games based on DC Comics, and will be hosted by the WWE's Xavier Woods. The series is scheduled to premiere on Friday...
  4. Tulpa Girl

    So apparently DC Comics/WB has the rights to reprint Mayfair's DC Heroes line...

    ...not that they're otherwise interested in doing so, I imagine, but they've just reprinted a single-volume collection of the Watchmen Sourcebook and the two Watchmen adventure modules that Mayfair released back in the day (no doubt as a cash grab tie-in to the HBO series). I think I read...
  5. Voros

    DC Comics

    Growing up I was a strictly Marvel kid when it came to superhero comics. I wasn't anti-DC, just too much into the X-Men, Spiderman and their derivatives to have the time or money for anything else. Later I read a lot of Vertigo, Sandman, some Vigilante and a lot of Alan Moore's DC stuff...
  6. Endless Flight

    Justice League Bombed

    I read that the movie did $96M opening weekend, far below expectations. To compare to another recent super heroic affair, Thor: Ragnarok did $121M opening weekend. The Rotten Tomatoes score of sub 40 can’t help either. We were going to see this eventually. Has anyone seen it?
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