dc heroes

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  1. Dumarest

    Ray Winninger (of DC Heroes fame) in charge of D&D now

    https://dnd.dragonmag.com/2020/04/24/welcome-to-issue-31/content.html In case you care.
  2. Apparition

    DC Universe to Stream DC Heroes

    DC Universe (a WarnerMedia streaming service dedicated to everything DC Comics), just announced a new series: DCU All-Star Games. It will feature celebrities playing tabletop games based on DC Comics, and will be hosted by the WWE's Xavier Woods. The series is scheduled to premiere on Friday...
  3. Tulpa Girl

    So apparently DC Comics/WB has the rights to reprint Mayfair's DC Heroes line...

    ...not that they're otherwise interested in doing so, I imagine, but they've just reprinted a single-volume collection of the Watchmen Sourcebook and the two Watchmen adventure modules that Mayfair released back in the day (no doubt as a cash grab tie-in to the HBO series). I think I read...
  4. Voros

    Best Game for Cosmic Superheroes?

    On one of the recent Grognard Files podcasts Ian Cooper comes on and talks Heroquest and Heroquest Glorantha and mentions they intend to release some more Heroquest supplements including one for 'Cosmic Superheroes.' That caught my attention as I just finished reading Jim Starlin's Warlock and...
  5. Apparition

    Blood of Heroes: Special Edition Character Sheet 2017-09-03

    This is the official Blood of Heroes: Special Edition character sheet. Uploaded since Pulsar Games web site no longer exists. This character sheet can also be used for DC Heroes.
  6. Endless Flight

    A DC Heroes RPG Retrospective!

    DC Heroes is probably my all-time favorite RPG. I can't think of another one I love more. I love it so much I own three 2nd edition boxed sets, one of which is still in the original shrink wrap. I don't own everything for the game because I've never had a tendency be a completist, about anything...
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