dungeon and dragons

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  1. The Butcher

    [D&D5] Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

    You can always trust Amazon to slip up.
  2. Shipyard Locked

    Good posts about why D&D is not authentically medieval?

    Over the years I've encountered numerous blog or forum posts explaining in useful detail exactly how the standard D&D setting/experience is not authentically medieval. I would really like to re-read some of that material right now, but I'm drawing a blank on where to find it. Does anyone...
  3. DagBateway

    Free tokens, tents and paper minis generator!

    Hi everyone, I've built https://rpgtokens.com/ It's a free web tool that allows you to create, save and print tokens, minimal monster tents, and paper minis for your tabletop games. You can generate them using an image URL or directly from Dropbox. You can then glue them to felt pads, domes...
  4. Gringnr

    Does the term "OSR" just mean "D&D?

    I think about this a lot. With the growing number of non-D&D retro-clones out now, is the OSR expanding, in a meaningful way, beyond its D&D roots? Does it need to? D&D's popularity has waxed and waned over the years. And while the current amount enthusiasm and visibility it has garnered is...
  5. Voros

    Recommend resources for a newbie GM

    So my sister-in-law, who has played some DnD (5e and 2e) with me for awhile, is interested in DMing herself and asked me if I had any recommendations for DMing/GMing advice that are not thick books. So I'm thinking videos and podcasts, maybe some blog entries, etc. :dice: So far I recommended...
  6. TristramEvans

    "Bounded Accuracy"

    I keep seeing this term bandied about, most often in regards to D&D 5th edition, but no idea what it means. Anyone care to explain the concept?
  7. OHT

    WIR: Odyssey of the Dragonlords 5e - Completed

    I'm going to need some discipline in order to get through this massive 460 page 5e campaign book. I'm certainly going to run it in the future, so what better way to get to know it and inform the board at the same time than a 'where I read' thread? I'm torn whether to go through it in the...
  8. The Butcher

    D&D5 and the OSR

    Logged into DTRPG to pick up the Autarch stuff I missed (Secrets of the Nether City and Capital of the Borderlands) and wondered about picking up the D&D5 version of one of their adventures, more out of curiosity than anything. And it got me thinking. I’m a fan of both games and I could even...
  9. Voros

    DIE the RPG, based on the comic by Gillen/Hans

    So the comicbook writer Kieron Gillen, who I see talking rpgs all the time on Twitter and didn't realize he was a comic writer, has put out a Beta rpg based on his fantasy comic DIE. It is an interesting idea for an rpg, because you play highschool friends in our world who get together to...
  10. Silverlion

    AD&D Second Edition

    So there isn't a lot of love for this one--despite some good ideas (YMMV, IMHO.) However, if you played 2E AD&D, what did you like? What would you take for an OSR game if anything? AD&D2E is still my favorite for a lot of reasons (don't get me wrong 5e is fun) but the worlds and flexibility...
  11. N

    Dumb Dungeons and Dragons question: Drow vs 'Dark Elves'

    When talking about various subjects related to fantasy with a friend, I mentioned that I preferred the depictions of Drow with ebony skin (and red or white eyes) vs depictions of them with more dark brown coloration. He said he thought there was a actual species difference between Drow (ebony...
  12. TristramEvans

    Doodling D&D

    Way back in the mists of time, before The Pub, I started a thread on our former haunt entitled "Doodling D&D", in which I spent roughly 15 minutes a day (typically during my lunch break at work at the time) sketching one creature, in order, from the AD&D 2e Mostrous Manual. I got pretty far...
  13. Black Leaf

    The British Old School Revival (B-OSR)

    Found this blog which I thought was interesting. I'm sure there will be some contention over the name ;) but I'm more interested in the attempts to map the specific British tradition of eighties RPGs and how it differentiates from the American rpg scene. I do agree with what most of the author...
  14. b9anders

    I made a game! Into the Unknown (old school B/X version of 5e)

    It started out over two years ago as Just some noodling on which game to settle on for OSR games. Today I published my first game. I am quite proud. :) https://o5rgames.blogspot.com/2019/05/into-unknown-is-now-available-in-print.html
  15. The Butcher

    D&D5 chatty thread

    You know how it is. Lots of games vying for my attention, but because this hobby is built on network externalities I am once more giving D&D5 material (particularly as it pertains to character creation) a good read. Some stray thoughts: I never liked the Champion and Battle Master subclasses...
  16. Voros

    OSR Blogs

    I prefer content and reviews of new OSR material to internet drama, repetitive OSR 'think pieces' and similar pontificating. My tastes definitely run towards the stranger end of OSR material as well. Please add more! Save vs. Total Party Kill - Not a lot of updates these days but good quality...
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