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  1. Simon Hogwood

    Summer 2024 D&D Novel Extravaganza

    It must really be true that everything old is new again, because apparently WotC has commissioned a whole bunch of tie-in novels - adult novels - for this summer. Not only the finale of the latest Dragonlance trilogy, but also stand-alones showing off the Forgotten Realms, Spelljammer (!) and...
  2. CT_Phipps

    Thirteen Tips to running Planescape

    Link: https://unitedfederationofcharles.blogspot.com/2023/12/thirteen-tips-for-running-planescape.html Planescape is one of my favorite campaign settings. It was a breath of fresh air when it came out in 1994, contradicting the more traditional Tolkien influenced ones already published. The...
  3. CT_Phipps

    101+ adventure hooks for Dark Sun

    Blog Link: https://unitedfederationofcharles.blogspot.com/2023/12/101-dark-sun-adventure-hooks.html Dark Sun is a deeply underappreciated gameline and the fact that Hasbro has decided not to continue the setting is a great disappointment. It was a planetary romance akin to Barsoom at its most...
  4. CT_Phipps

    Dungeons and Dragons Novels and Discussion of them

    A thread to talk about your favorite D&D novels and recommendations across the lines. I did some articles on this and thought I'd share them while other people share their favorites. Link: https://beforewegoblog.com/ten-recommended-classic-dungeons-and-dragons-novels/ I have to admit that...
  5. M

    What Was Gygax Thinking?

    This is revisionist history. Old school D&D explicitly had balanced encounters, and called them dungeon levels. Each level lower you had progressively more difficult encounters. Challenge ratings were introduced in 3rd Edition along with the 'Back to the Dungeon' motto, and just tied it to party...
  6. lategamer

    D&D: is it the gateway game for the rest of the hobby?

    I asked this on Mastodon this morning but this is plainly a different audience. Do you think D&D (which comprises 60%+) of the hobby is a gateway to other games or is it a giant, bloated tick draining increasing money into a shareholder black hole? (Yes these are extreme views. Middling views...
  7. robertsconley

    Mod+ OGL 1.1 is not an Open License.

    Today Wizards of the Coast on DnD Beyond released an article called OGLs, SRDs, & One D&D. It talks about Wizards plans for a new version of the OGL. The recap the OGL stands for the Open Game License. According to Creative Commons, an open license means the content is free to use how you want...
  8. CT_Phipps

    [Nonfiction] [Reviews] Dangerous Games by Joseph P. Laycock AKA The Moral Panic about D&D

    https://booknest.eu/reviews/charles/2396-dangerousgames "Never argue with an idiot. You'll never convince the idiot that you're correct, and bystanders won't be able to tell who's who." - Mark Twain This is a deeply frustrating book for me because I wanted to...
  9. CT_Phipps

    Dungeons and and Dragons and Demonology - How do you use fiends in D&D?

    On a more lore-related question: how do you guys use Archdemons and Archdevils? Because with evil gods, do they not seem redundant? Are they gods themselves of evil or just essentially, big Planar Bosses stealing souls for their own amusement/power? Can they grant spells? What are their...
  10. CT_Phipps

    The Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Lore Thread

    We all have a bunch of opinions on 5th Edition and its various changes and releases. However, I thought it might be interesting to do a post collecting the thoughts on the lore changes to all of the various settings that have trickled down (and I do mean trickled). This is a thread where you can...
  11. Voros

    Goodman Games Publishing Dark Tower for DCC & 5e

    Just posted about this here but then I realized it is worthy of its own thread. Goodman Games is republishing Jennell Jaquays' classic dungeon adventurr Dark Tower for Dungeon Crawl Claasics and 5e D&D. Great to see that the Judges Guild classics will not be left OOP for modernday players and...
  12. Voros

    Jon Peterson's Game Wizards - The Epic Battle for D&D

    Jon Peterson is sure to piss off many a self-declared internet expert on the hobby's history with this one me thinks. Will be interesting to see the more rabid Gygax and Arneson partisans weeping and gnashing their teeth as several sacred cows are slaughtered. I am such a huge nerd as this...
  13. Voros

    Favourite City Supplement?

    So I discuss The City of Greyhawk and Skullport city supplements a bit here. More recently I really dig Fever-Dreaming Marlinko from Hydra Cooperative. I'm a sucker for a good city supplement, may wallet may regret me asking but what are your favourite city supplements?
  14. Voros

    Steve Jackson Dungeon in Games & Puzzles 76'

    Really cool for rpg history nerds.
  15. robertsconley

    Advanced Edition Tables with Javascript

    I continue to covert over some of the tables I made with Inspiration Pad Pro into Javascript. This time it is the Grenade Scatter tables from the DMG and the NPC Personae Table. Enjoy! Advanced Edition Tables
  16. TristramEvans

    Curse of Strahd vs Ravenloft I6

    So Ive been off and on playing in my first 5th edition campaign, The Curse of Strahd, which didn't enamour me to the 5th edition system, but seems fine enough as a campaign. Ravenloft was one of those settings for D&D I always enjoyed the idea of, but never got the chance to play in (the closest...
  17. Voros

    Dragonlance Musical from Russia!

    So in case you didn't know for some reason there is a rock musical version of Dragonlance from Russia. The full stage version with subs is now up on YT, if you can make it through the whole thing you're made of sterner stuff than me. I'm an unabashed DL fan but this is a bit much. So does...
  18. Mike Myler

    Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Is Coming!

    Level Up is the working title or codename for an upcoming standalone tabletop roleplaying game. This game is conceptualized as an ‘advanced’ version of 5th Edition which adds a little more depth to the rules you already know and love. It will be fully backwards-compatible. Level Up will be...
  19. Mike Myler

    EN5ider #334 - Multiclass Feats

    Great concepts for characters that make use of more than one class are aplenty but as a campaign reaches higher levels these builds lose effectiveness—that's a problem that today's issue of EN5ider aims to fix! =FREE']13 Free Articles including 5 adventures, some memorable magic items...
  20. Mike Myler

    EN5ider #333 - Mini-Adventure: Fungal Bums

    No, not the kind you're thinking of—this issue of EN5ider is an awesome supplementary adventure to weave into your existing campaign, not a reason to go to the doctor. =FREE']13 Free Articles that include 5 unique adventures, a set of memorable magic items, elemental cleric domains...
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