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  1. Voros

    Favourite or Best Original RPG Fantasy Setting?

    Okay, another thread here got me thinking what I consider the best fantasy setting created, more or less, expressly for an rpg. I know technically that Runequest prefigures the rpg (as does Tékumel) but I'm gonna give it a pass as it came to its current fame through the rpg. Maybe that's a...
  2. xanther

    Magic Item Construction Rules

    Following up on another thread. Here are my magic item (and drugs & poison) creation rules. Primarily to help guide my magic item design, design Wizard Guilds & Temples with cool rooms that actually have game mechanic significance (not just flavor) and to give an internally consistent basis...
  3. Voros

    Wheel of Time TV Series - Yay or Nay?

    I always have a hankering for more fantasy films and tv series but find most of what we get mighty mediocre. How is the Wheel of Time tv show on Amazon Prime? I'm not a fan of fantasy book series (I much prefer self-contained 'singletons' when it comes to novels of any genre) but more tolerant...
  4. Harl Quinn

    [Dragonbane PbP for Learners] Secret of the Dragon Emperor

    Ten years ago, humankind began to return to the Misty Vale, drawn by legends of hidden riches and lost knowledge from the old Dragon Empire... Encouraged by the stories - as well as reports that the savage orc tribes have begun their own exodus from the valley - you strapped on a sword and found...
  5. CaoCao

    [5E][TheWormOuroboros]It's out! My new product is out!

    Written in 1922 by Eric Rücker Eddison, The Worm Ouroboros is shockingly not included in the original Appendix N neither in the new Appendix E. A complete work of heroic high fantasy in the modern sense, the book narrates the deeds and adventures of four brave tiefling warriors against their...
  6. V

    The new world

    "A year ago we made a comic called The New World it was about a Psionic Dwarf Thief who wakes up a Lizardman Mummy in the 1700's a week ago we decided to make it into a game and flesh out it's universe as best we could, we didn't make this game for attention your free to wipe your bleeding ass...
  7. Lunar Ronin

    Subversion RPG

    There's a new cyberpunk fantasy tabletop RPG in the works named Subversion, by some of the developers of Shadowrun 6E. It's been described as "Shadowrun's Pathfinder." Looks interesting, with a Kickstarter campaign set for late February.
  8. Vladar

    Into the Dungeon: Revived

    ItDR is a lightweight fantasy-themed role-playing ruleset designed for a streamlined gameplay. Gather your friends, grab some dice, and dive into the world of sword and sorcery adventures of your own creation! Fresh v2.2 is just released: grab it for free at its home page or at In...
  9. Voros

    Rings of Power Discussion Thread

  10. UltraBoi

    New and original multiverse recruiting (players and moderators)

    Hello. I'm currently looking for experienced players within the play-by-post community that are willing to help with the finishing touches of a universe that will amaze most players. It's a completely original multiverse accepting most characters and the forum that I created has a decent design...
  11. V

    VoxStory - The Cinematic TTRPG! - Kickstarter Preview Page Now Live!

    Follow the link provided and click 'Notify Me on Launch' to be pinged as soon as we go live! Kickstarter Preview Page We'd love to have your backing and support, and we appreciate everything so far. VoxStory. The Cinematic TTRPG. Delve into a world filled with endless possibilities and...
  12. Templum Domini

    Mage the Ascension: The Dark Ages - Freeform RP set in a Tabletop Setting

    Edit: Disclaimer - this is not canon-compliant with Dark Ages: Mage, due to the fact that I don't have that book. Expect me to make things up for areas where there isn't any available information. Also, we are using Spheres instead of Foundations for Mage powers. ====== Mage the Ascension...
  13. Voros

    Pulp/Sf/Fantasy Paperback Covers

  14. Voros

    Games Where the Gods are Active in the World?

    Thinking of my beloved Greek legends I was trying to think of any game settings that havd the Gods as active agents in the world the way they are in those stories?
  15. Voros

    We may be getting Straub/King's Talisman as a Film

    This was announced recently and now director Mike Barker, who does the rather good Handmaid's Tale TV series, is attached to direct. Still a long way from this becoming a reality but when I revisited the King novels of my youth this one co-written by Straub struck me as the best of the lot. It...
  16. Harl Quinn

    Photos of real items to inspire fantasy magic items

    Branching off from this thread on real world locales, how about some real world items to inspire fantasy magic items? Here's some avocado stones carved to represent little forest gods:
  17. Dammit Victor

    Galactic Dragons: Immortal Heroes of the Celestial Aether (Semi-OSR d20)

    Based on the interest expressed in What IP/games would you like to see?, I thought I'd start a thread for each of my ongoing gaming/fiction projects to discuss what I'm trying to accomplish. Galactic Dragons grew out of one of my perennial White Whales-- the need to implement the Player's...
  18. TristramEvans

    Fantasy Riddes 2017-09-29

    D20 sourcebook published free online that provides numerous examples of riddles for use in fantasy games, as well as some sub-systems
  19. Dammit Victor

    [semi OSR] Galactic Dragons: Immortal Heroes of the Celestial Aether

    That hella pretentious mouthful is the title of the game I'm currently developing-- started off as an attempt to blend the mechanics of Dragonfist and AD&D Player's Option with a much simpler (more BECMI-like) base mechanic. Along the way, it's picked up some elements of ICE and Palladium games...
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