1. Z-Man

    Fate Core Sci-Fi Character Sheet 1.0

    This was designed specifically for the Strange Stars setting, but should work for any Fate Core sci-fi game.
  2. Z-Man

    Fate Core Western Character Sheet 1.0

    An old west-themed Fate Core sheet meant to look like the side of a wooden building, with notes, posters and news clippings tacked to it.
  3. Z-Man

    Fate Core Horror Character Sheet 1.0

    A pretty easy-to-use Fate Core character sheet, designed for specifically for a horror-themed game. Feel free to shoot me any questions!
  4. TheophilusCarter

    [Fate] Shadow of the Century

    Just got word, as a kickstarter backer, that this finally dropped: https://www.evilhat.com/home/shadow-of-the-century/ Not quite available to the general public yet, but probably soon. It looks appropriately 80s silly. : ) I'm going to look through my PDF tonight and report back ...
  5. Raleel

    Did we talk about Evil Hat?

    https://www.evilhat.com/home/refocused-resized-hat-mode-activated/ Apparently some struggles for solvency here. I don’t have many of their products to be honest. I’m not really a Fate guy. A good reminder of how difficult the industry is
  6. TheophilusCarter

    Weird World News [Fate]

    Zoinks! This looks groovy, man!!! :D
  7. TheophilusCarter

    Fate Horror Toolkit

    https://www.evilhat.com/home/fate-horror-toolkit/ Definitely interested to see what they do with this! Now I just have to wait another month ... :(
  8. TheophilusCarter

    FC-FAE Rules Summary 2018-03-19

    Concise summaries / outlines of the main rules from Fate Core / FAE for quic reference during play.
  9. Voros

    Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse

    If there was ever a title to grab your attention that is it. This is a new game by Derek Jamal (he did the rather cool dwarf storytelling game Dig), looks cute and fun with nice artwork although I continue to be completely ignorant of Fate, I should sit down and read the pdf I have of the free...