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  1. Voros

    Original Recording Session of the Wilhelm Scream

    If you're not familiar with the Wilhem scream read about it here:
  2. Voros

    Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future

    Trailer dropped.
  3. Voros

    What is Your Appendix N?

    So I thought it might be fun if we discussed what our personal Appendix N or Moldvay's 'Source for Inspirational Reading' is. How you define that is up to you but I'd suggest we keep the list to a Top Ten so it doesn't become too unwieldy. It could be what sources of fiction or with Moldvay's...
  4. Voros

    Santo coming to Blu-ray!

    Very excited to see Kino Lorber announcing two Santo films coming to blu with restored prints. Instafuckingbuy.
  5. Voros

    Peter Weller on Robocop and Verhoeven

    Apparently he is now a film professor. Enjoy.
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