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  1. CaoCao

    [BUNDLE][Glorantha][RQG] Sales time!

    Hello everybody! I just created a -48% discounted bundle with everything I ever wrote for RuneQuest Glorantha! For 4.50 $ you can have: - seven brief scenarios useful to save your evening as busy GM; - a mini-bestiary with 7 new creatures; - a collection of 50 random trinkets. ALL included...
  2. CaoCao

    [Glorantha][RQG] near Silver level, need help!

    hello fellows :) this product of mine is 1 copy short to become a Silver Bestseller! could you help me in reaching the goal? it is a fast scenario perfect for this night game: thanks a lot!
  3. M

    Friendship ended with Exalted, now Glorantha is my best friend

    I’ve started dipping my toes in the deep sea that is Glorantha and wow, this is great. If I run anything I’ll probably drop all the Campbell-Jung-Eliade drum circle stuff but really, I feel like a dumbass not having gotten into this earlier. What weird bits of lore are especially worth going...
  4. SeaJay

    Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

    Have you GM'd/played it, what's it like, any good? Is it a good introduction for players with next to no experience with Glorantha?
  5. Voros

    Heroquest Glorantha

    Hey all I'm reading the terrific Prince of Sartar webcomic (wish it was collected into a book) and playing Six Ages on my work iPad (don't tell my boss, jk he wouldn't care) and have been thinking of picking up Heroquest Glorantha for a while and I'm tempted to pull the trigger while I await the...
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