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  1. robertsconley

    Let's Read Harnmaster

    As promised. First off Harnmaster is divided into loose leaf articles meant to be placed in a 3-ring binder. There were a few exceptions but the whole line was published like this after the mid 80s. circa 2010 I will post a more recent screen shot later Introduction This is a 2 page article...
  2. TristramEvans

    Sell me on...Harnmaster

    spin-off of the Kickstarter thread. I've known of Harnmaster, and seen and been impressed by Harnworld over the years. For those who have read and played the game though, what's the system like? What are the various editions and differences? How does it compare to other fantasy games?
  3. robertsconley

    Sparkling new copy of Harnmaster

    Columbia Games decided it was time to spruce up their Harnmaster boxed set and order a new printing. You can get on the action on kickstarter. Harnmaster has long been one of my favorite RPGs. You can read a detailed account of a session in my 911 call from the Attic post. It a skill based...
  4. Nicomos

    What can you tell me about Harnmaster Gold

    I just bought the Harnmaster Gold bundle. It was an impulse buy. I’m only vaguely familiar with the system nd setting. I’m more interested with the system then setting . I have the 1st edition rules but never played them. I have been looking them over since my purchase, and I’m starting to...
  5. robertsconley

    The one where I sing the praises of Harnmaster

    To start the New Year off, I want to pump up one of my favorite RPGs Harnmaster. It is a d100 roll low system that uses attributes in the 3-18 range much like Runequest. It has two distinctive feature. Character Creation is oriented towards low fantasy medieval settings and the combat system...
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