1. Voros

    Slaying the Dragon: A Secret History of Dungeons & Dragons

    Ben Riggs has been working on this history of post-Gygax TSR for quite a while. Slated for release in July. https://read.macmillan.com/lp/slaying-the-dragon/ Role-playing game historian Ben Riggs unveils the secret history of TSR― the company that unleashed imaginations with Dungeons &...
  2. Voros

    Books on Wargaming

    Similar to the Writings on Role-Playing thread I thought it may be helpful to have a thread about books on the history, practice and theory of wargaming. I'm just starting to dig into some of these now that I have access to academic libraries again with my newish job. Here is one that is...
  3. T

    [hot take] D&D is Stupid

    (In the Jeff Rients sense of the word.) And every time you try to scrub the Stupid out of D&D, you end up scrubbing the D&D out.
  4. Voros

    Jon Peterson's Game Wizards - The Epic Battle for D&D

    Jon Peterson is sure to piss off many a self-declared internet expert on the hobby's history with this one me thinks. Will be interesting to see the more rabid Gygax and Arneson partisans weeping and gnashing their teeth as several sacred cows are slaughtered. I am such a huge nerd as this...
  5. Voros

    Punks, Goths & Mods on Irish TV 83'

    For @Doc Sammy. My favourite detail is the mod kid with 16 siblings, lol!
  6. Voros

    Jon Peterson's New Book: The Elusive Shift

    Jon Peterson has announced his new book The Elusive Shift, following his impressive Playing at the World. I have preordered it for my Kindle, it comes out December 22nd, 2020. Read more about it here.
  7. Voros

    Magic The Gathering in The New Yorker

    A good article as it interested me on a subject I have zero interest in.
  8. Voros

    Jon Peterson Video on Wargames

    This is an extensive video with Jon Peterson discussing wargames, not even finished yet and it is so excellent I wanted to share it:
  9. Voros

    Samurai Sword Master Rates Sword Scenes

    This very cool video uses more than the expected Western sources, including classics like Sword of Doom and Harakiri (both absolute must sees)!
  10. Voros

    Eye of the Beholder Documentary on Prime

    So I checked out this doc on the art of TSR (and a bit on WotC at the end) on Prime. First few minutes made me fear it would be a bunch of ahistorical, aimless 'This shit was cool!' fanrambling but after things settle down and they let the artists speak for themselves things improved...
  11. Voros

    Wargamers Hating on Fantasy Gaming & D&D

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - Santayana Here's a great blog post exploring the tribal warfare between trad wargamers (a.k.a self declared grognards), fantasy wargamers and D&D players (a.k.a those damn kids!) displayed in the 1970s Battle Magazine. The...
  12. Voros

    Historian & Prop Master Fact Check Weapons from GoT to 300

    Another fun video. Cool to find out the source of the terms freelancer and blackmail.
  13. Voros

    Why Did Armor Class Descend from 9 to 2?

    So Peterson doing his usual good work seems to have uncovered a possible explanation/rationale for how descending armor class was supposed to work. DAC never bothered me, particularly once I discovered THAC0 but I have wondered 'why?' I'm far from a math whiz but something always seemed off...
  14. Voros

    Why Did TSR Fail? Ben Riggs Seminar at Gencon 2018 & 2020

    Ben Riggs presented this seminar on the failure of TSR at Gencon. Starts at 7:48. Riggs is working on a book on the same subject. Seems to be taking a serious, fact-based approach that helps avoid the ‘gamer rumour-mill treated as truth syndrome’ that Peterson also admirably avoids with his...
  15. Voros

    A Chronology of D&D in Popular Media

    The Analog Game Studies site is an academic site dedicated to analogue table top games, including RPGs, board and card games and experimental games of all sorts. The articles are, not surprisingly, hit or miss but this recent one that tracks media portrayls of people playing D&D and the modern...
  16. Voros

    A History of 4e D&D by DM David

    Blogger DM David has done a series of retrospective blog posts on 4e D&D that avoid being too virulent or negative while still being critical. Having missed the entire online 4e edition wars (thank god) I found this well written and insightful and refreshingly free of OTT venom.
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