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  1. Wicked Cool Games

    Publishing a horror adventure for two systems

    I'm nearly done writing and play testing a horror scenario and will publish it on DriveThru in late April/early May. I'm batting around the idea of releasing one publication with two systems - first half would be a copy of the adventure for Call of Cthulhu, Second half would be a separate copy...
  2. NotSoCleaver_x

    Looking for play testers

    Thread will be updated soon... " Galactic Warfare is not the most original title out there, yet this Sci-Fi Horror given a chance will let explore the stars in your ship, fighting space pirates and cosmic horrors alike" What's the game really about? It's not exactly choose your own adventure...
  3. Skullcamera

    SLASH! - The Horror Movie RPG [Kickstarter Launch on July 11th]

    Hey everyone! For the last year and a half, I've been working on a project called SLASH!, an RPG inspired by 80s and 90s horror movies. It's launching on Kickstarter on July 11th, and I'd be stoked if you all could check it out! This game was born from my love of horror-themed one shots...
  4. E

    Simple system for slasher movie one-shot?

    I'm planning on doing something a little different for my Halloween game, where the players will be characters in a session meant to strongly resemble a slasher movie. Any suggestions for a simple system that would work well for this? I'm aware of The Final Girl, I've played it, and it's great...
  5. Voros

    Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future

    Trailer dropped.
  6. Voros

    Games Omnivorius - Minimalist and Bizarre RPGs

    This small rpg company is based out of Lisbon and puts out some cool stuff, some OSR some system neutral, mostly minimalist and psychedelic. I discovered them when I backed their The Insectiary zine during the last Zinequest on KS. This game DEATH ROBOT JUNGLE looks nifty, with a map by the...
  7. Voros

    Kuro - Near Future Japanese Horror RPG

    So I know @Ragr posted about his plans for a Kuro campaign but has anyone else read or played it? It looks very up my alley but the pdf is quite pricey. I lost Miko during the Kuro incident. She was driving when the light from the missile exploded over Tokyo. It must have blinded her because...
  8. Voros

    We may be getting Straub/King's Talisman as a Film

    This was announced recently and now director Mike Barker, who does the rather good Handmaid's Tale TV series, is attached to direct. Still a long way from this becoming a reality but when I revisited the King novels of my youth this one co-written by Straub struck me as the best of the lot. It...
  9. Z-Man

    Fate Core Horror Character Sheet 1.0

    A pretty easy-to-use Fate Core character sheet, designed for specifically for a horror-themed game. Feel free to shoot me any questions!
  10. Voros

    Kult: Divinity Lost (2018) Horror RPG Not for the Faint of Heart

    @Trippy and @Edgewise talking about this convinced me to take the plunge and I ordered a hardcopy, reading the pdf and about half way through The Black Madonna campaign while I wait for it to arrive. First off, yes it is a modified PbtA mechanic. If you hate that system this won't change your...
  11. Harl Quinn

    [CoC7e] A Paradigm Shift, or, "You got Pulp in my Modern Cthulhu!"

    Spoiler: Apologies and Background So, I'm running Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, set in modern-day Arkham with the investigators being members of the Theron Marks Society. We left off in the midst of our first adventure on a bit of a cliffhanger note, the overall consensus being "We need bigger...
  12. Harl Quinn

    [MgT1e/Cepheus Engine] Sanity... In... SPAAAAAAAACE!!!

    So, the OTU has PCs dealing with the secrets of the Ancients and even the Primordials from time to time, but nary a word is said as to how that really affects a character's sanity, let alone their understanding of how (and why) humans were scattered throughout the stars (as well as why the...
  13. Voros

    [Kickstarter] Demon City by Zak Smith aka. Sabbath

    I'm not usually one to Kick the Start but there have been a few projects that caught my interest recently and I figure I may as well grab the pdf at least. Mike Evans of DIY RPG Productioms (Hubris, Gathox Vertical Slum) is publishing Zak Smith's (aka. Sabbath) next game DEMON CITY, a not-OSR...
  14. TheophilusCarter

    Fate Horror Toolkit

    https://www.evilhat.com/home/fate-horror-toolkit/ Definitely interested to see what they do with this! Now I just have to wait another month ... :(
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