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  1. Skywalker

    Avatar Legends: Avatar the Last Airbender RPG - USD1m in 1 day

    OK, it hasn't quite go to $1m yet, but its made $875k in around 9 hours so I am sure it will hit that mark by 24 hours in. That's an impressive achievement for a tabletop RPG. In comparison, the One Ring based on Lord of the Rings IP and a well regarded 1st edition made around half of that. I...
  2. V

    VoxStory - The Cinematic TTRPG! - Kickstarter Preview Page Now Live!

    Follow the link provided and click 'Notify Me on Launch' to be pinged as soon as we go live! Kickstarter Preview Page We'd love to have your backing and support, and we appreciate everything so far. VoxStory. The Cinematic TTRPG. Delve into a world filled with endless possibilities and...
  3. V

    VoxStory - Kickstarter Announced for Cinematic Style RPG!

    We are currently working on a fantastic and exciting upcoming 'cinematic' roleplaying game, VoxStory. Our Kickstarter has been announced and will be launched next month! Bringing your typical TTRPG's to life. With VoxStory, you don't just have to imagine it, you can see your story become...
  4. Tommy Brownell

    The One Ring 2e Kickstarter

    The One Ring 2nd Edition is accepting pre-launch signups. Going live in two days, reportedly.
  5. TristramEvans

    Kickstarters Thread

    Shameless bit of promotion for a friend and fellow Kubert alumni who did the art... Anyone play this one back in the 80s?
  6. Korgoth

    "Against the DarkMaster" PDF's are now out, so what do you think?

    The recent kickstater for the MERP clone "Against the Darkmaster" are out and after a cursory flip through they look great, for the most part. Did anyone else here back it, and if so what like, not like, wish they'd changed, etc etc... For anyone unfamiliar with this project here is a link to...
  7. TristramEvans


    So sorta accidentaly happened across this game recently Apparently there wasa Kickstarter I entirely missed about 2 years ago. From Sweden, it describes itself as "A DOOM METAL ALBUM OF A GAME. Rules light. Art heavy. MÖRK BORG is blackened artpunk/osr about ill-fated bastards seeking...
  8. Silverlion


    Thursday 10/25 at 6 PM CST I'll be there talking and answering questions!
  9. Voros

    [Kickstarter] Demon City by Zak Smith aka. Sabbath

    I'm not usually one to Kick the Start but there have been a few projects that caught my interest recently and I figure I may as well grab the pdf at least. Mike Evans of DIY RPG Productioms (Hubris, Gathox Vertical Slum) is publishing Zak Smith's (aka. Sabbath) next game DEMON CITY, a not-OSR...
  10. Voros

    [PbtA] Cartel: A Mexican Narcofiction

    Cartel is a Powered by the Apocalypse game by Mark Diaz Truman who was one of the designers of the excellent Urban Shadows, one of the best PbtA games. Cartel is a tabletop RPG in which players portray bold narcos, naive spouses, and dirty cops caught up in Mexico's eternal drug war...
  11. TristramEvans

    Good Society: A Jane Austen Roleplaying Game

    Came across this on Kickstarter this week: Have to say, even though its unashamedly billing itself as a storygame, I'm interested enough in the subject matter I'm tempted to throw in. The creators have...
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