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  1. Apparition

    DC Universe to Stream DC Heroes

    DC Universe (a WarnerMedia streaming service dedicated to everything DC Comics), just announced a new series: DCU All-Star Games. It will feature celebrities playing tabletop games based on DC Comics, and will be hosted by the WWE's Xavier Woods. The series is scheduled to premiere on Friday...
  2. TristramEvans

    Me, Myself & Die!

    So one of the folks I've gamed with for several years(in a long term MERP campaign, some Warhammer Fantasy, Unknown Armies, and actually the first player in my Phaserip Call of Cthulhu games back in 2010 I think; moreover I think I met 90% of my current gaming group through him), who happens to...
  3. Voros

    Colbert One-on-One D&D Session with Mercer for Charity

    The first 5-7 minutes of this are fun even if you don't want to watch the whole session to just hear more about Colbert's memories of playing D&D, meeting Gygax at Gencon and Metamorphis Alpha!
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