mike evans

  1. Voros

    Barbarians of the Ruined Earth by Mike Evans of DIY RPG Prod.

    So Mike Evans of Hubris, Gathox Vertical Slum and Death is the New Pink is working on a new project Barbarians of the Ruined Earth with art by James V. West (Black Pudding), Kelvin Green and others. He plans on KS it sometime soon. Not sure if awesome even begins to describe this art.
  2. Voros

    [Kickstarter] Demon City by Zak Smith aka. Sabbath

    I'm not usually one to Kick the Start but there have been a few projects that caught my interest recently and I figure I may as well grab the pdf at least. Mike Evans of DIY RPG Productioms (Hubris, Gathox Vertical Slum) is publishing Zak Smith's (aka. Sabbath) next game DEMON CITY, a not-OSR...
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