1. LikelyArrow

    Playing with miniatures, but no map

    One of my favorite game sessions, we played with miniatures, but no map. I was GMing, and we had been playing for several sessions with carefully-laid-out tile maps, but I found designing the adventure around tiles I actually had was a pain and a time-sink, so one session I decided, "Screw it...
  2. DagBateway

    Free tokens, tents and paper minis generator!

    Hi everyone, I've built It's a free web tool that allows you to create, save and print tokens, minimal monster tents, and paper minis for your tabletop games. You can generate them using an image URL or directly from Dropbox. You can then glue them to felt pads, domes...
  3. Necrozius

    Zombicide: Black Plague + Green Horde

    Greetings! I wanted to start a thread about one of my favorite board games ever, Zombicide. Official pages: I had missed the original Kickstarters for these games, so I don't have everything, but I've managed...
  4. Voros

    Henry Cavill Digs Games Workshop

    Cavill posted about his love of Games Workshop and 'plastic crack' minis and painting on Instagram, causing a collective Nergasm on the net.
  5. Consonant Dude

    Minis - how to build a prepainted collection on the cheap?

    So, I'm finally considering putting more effort into the physical and visual representation in my roleplaying sessions and using minis but I have never, ever done that. I've started investigating and most of the links lead me to either unpainted minis, or collectible, randomized (lol, WTF?)...
  6. Raleel


    So I have one of these, labeled (I assume) #2525. I've tried to put it together, but for whatever reason, I feel pretty confident I can now. Currently taking a bath in acetone to remove all of the cyanoacrylate and other goo. I also have a Grenadier 1989 Tiamat. That one has rubber cement...
  7. Chikahiro

    [M:tG Arena of the Planeswalker] Learn me on this game!

    So, a while ago I managed to get M:tG Arena of the Planeswalker fairly cheap, then the expansions. Of course, because I've got too many games and not enough time, its been sitting on my shelf for a year? Two? Three? I prefer not to think about it too deeply lest I depress myself. Anyhow, I've...
  8. Bunch

    3d printers for minis and terrain.

    Has anyone got one? Has anyone used one and seen the quality? I feel like I would be comfortable selling some of my mini heavy games to pay for one if the quality was good enough.
  9. TristramEvans

    Dwarf Miniature Painting Tutorial 2018-01-19

    I put together this pdf quick step-by-step look at painting a 28mm dwarf miniature
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