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  1. Simon Hogwood

    Terry Pratchett's Discworld: Adventures in Ankh-Morpork by Modiphius Late 2024

    Well, that's something I didn't expect to see in my email this morning.
  2. BookWerm

    What is wrong with Modiphius' 2d20 system?

    I'm very inexperienced, I've only played Dungeons and Dragons in high school. I'm looking to start a local (or online if needed) game of Modiphius' Fallout tabletop roleplay game, I've been reading up on the rules and got some character sheets. In looking for people to play with, i found this...
  3. SJB

    Conan: Shadow of the Sorcerer

    I’d be interested hear about Jason Durall’s new Conan campaign, The Shadow of the Sorcerer. It sounds great but the Modiphius Conan line tends to be all fur coat and nae knickers. And 2d20.
  4. TristramEvans

    Is Anyone Still Playing Vampire 5th Edition?

    If so, how has the system held up over longterm play? What new supplements have come out, and how is the game line proceeding with Hite's departure?
  5. 3rik

    For all you 2d20 fans out there: the Dishonored RPG

  6. CT_Phipps

    [V5] [Vampire: The Masquerade] The Fall of London chronicle

    So, anyone else check this out? Here's my review of it: Here's another good review: Basically, it's the first Chronicle to be published for Vampire: The...
  7. TristramEvans

    Modiphius is doing Dune At work on my cell so haven't got the opportunity to explore this yet, and unfamiliar with Modiphius (they did a recent Conan RPG iirc-how was that?). But big Dune fan
  8. Dammit Victor

    [Sell Me On/Off] Modiphius 2d20

    How does it work in play? What kinds of effects does it generate? What are the differences between how the system works between different game lines?
  9. TristramEvans

    New Star Trek RPG coming

    From Modiphius, apparently (who also now how the license for a Warhammer RPG). I'm not familiar with Modiphius at all, other than the recent thread on Conan games.
  10. Endless Flight

    Gaming in Hyboria

    So, there is a new Conan game out there by Modiphius and I've perused the quickstart rules and I wasn't inspired. I did play the d20 version by Mongoose years ago and it wasn't bad. Is there something you would recommend? Maybe I should give Modiphius another chance? Maybe reskin something else?
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