1. RangerRupert

    I'm Not that into Mythras

    It's all right, I guess. Not really my thing, though. Whaddya think?
  2. gruagach

    Mythras pulp talent resources - help

    So I'm gearing up to run a pulp infused sword and sorcery game. I'm looking for resources that have Mythras compatible pulp talents I can crib for the setting. If I had unlimited financial resources, I'd buy ALL of the following, in no particular order: Destined Raiders of R'lyeh Worlds United...
  3. Raleel

    Mythras Classic Fantasy Imperative getting an open license and SRD

    came out in a DTRPG email. the relevant part Watch out also for Classic Fantasy Imperative - a free introductory rulebook that will be launched under an open license and accompanied by its own SRD. well then. Thank you, WOTC, for being so bad? edit: credit to @Armchair Gamer for the notice in...
  4. SJB

    Mythras Weird Pulp Scenario

    On my blog I procedurally generated a Weird Pulp adventure. I’ve now statted it up for Mythras, as “The Devil in NYC”.
  5. Raleel

    Systems with hit locations and automatic firearms

    Based on a discussion we are having on the Mythras discord and thinking about it - what systems have true hit locations and have automatic fire? By true hit locations I mean one where there is not a default location hit and moving it applies a penalty. Sort of interested in making Mythras...
  6. Kardinal Tabbe

    [Mythras] best practice for GMs

    I'm prepping a Mythras campaign at the moment and this will be my first attempt at running (and playing) the game. In fact it will be the first time I've run any BRP derivated game in about twenty years. The campaign is called Gangs of Metropolis, and will focus on the adventures of a gang of...
  7. Glömmerska

    Observations on Motivation from Optimization, and Constrained Design Environments

    Different games, different players, different ways of having fun. Gameplay decisions driven by realism, greed, or optimization. Premises skipped or abandoned, unusual ideas adopted. There are lots of reasons to play TTRPG's, and even more to play some systems over others. I've struggled with...
  8. Glömmerska

    Knocked Around, Knocked Out [Mythras]

    Hello pubbers! I've been playing Mythras for the past 2 years or so across various historical settings (none of the officially published ones unfortunately), and this upcoming weekend my newest adventure will allow my group to play as non-human characters. I'm using the Classic Fantasy lineup...
  9. Templum Domini

    Seeking Someone to teach me the Mythras Ruleset

    As Mythras seems like both a fun system and the most popular system on this site, I've decided that to expand my presence here beyond griping and arguing (I'm really sorry about that, believe me), I am going to learn both the system and GMing in that system. Does anyone want to help me do so...
  10. A

    Looking for players for a mythras game in a colonial setting

    The setting of the game is a new frontier mythic renaissance style in the transitory period between muskets being the main weapon and older weapons and armour combos. Magic is heavily restricted besides folk magic. This game is going to have a direction that is expected to he followed for at...
  11. Ronnie Sanford

    BRP players - any variant?

    I’ve noticed we seem to have a lot of Mythras players and a reasonable sprinkling of other BRP variants too (Especially Call of Cthulhu). How many of you play a variant of BRP?
  12. Mankcam

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Ok here it is - the placeholder thread battleground to discuss the merits of any and all of the different editions of BRP, like the true civilised folk we are! :thumbsup:
  13. Imaginos

    What would you use for Veteran of the Psychic Wars?

    I’ve loved BOC since I discovered them in high school. My username is directly from them. A catch line I’ve used a lot is “veteran of the psychic wars”, but what system would you use to run the psychic wars? I’ve pondered in this and considered V&V but my enthusiasm for it wanes. I’ve thought...
  14. Séadna

    Mythras Game - New Spaces Open

    Inspired by @AsenRG 's post here: The idea would be a short scenario in Mythras using the lighter Mythras Imperative rules that could then broaden out if people felt like...
  15. Loz

    Lyonesse Update

    It's almost, almost here. More proofs arrived today, and here are some pictures of both the hardcover POD version, and the softcover. The quality of both is very good. The ink on the softcover interior seems a little heavier, and on mine, the top edge of the page border has been ever so...
  16. tenbones

    Of Mythras, Runequest, Glorantha, Edition wars, and where to start???

    So I've been seriously wanting to dig into Runequest/Mythras for some time. I want to read it, absorb it and put it in my back pocket for when my players least expect it and whip it out, and go BOOM! This is what we're doing... (and hopefully they'll bite. I've been taking them out of their...
  17. F

    Fantastic Idaho! (Mythras)

    Intro So about a week ago I mention doing a modern fantasy setting powered by Mythras. I spent the last week doing a leisurely research on the state and its history. Also I read the Mythras core book and 75% of AtVW, enough to get a feel for the rules but not yet gaining a firm mastery of...
  18. Ronnie Sanford

    Worlds United from The Design Mechanism

    I have been thinking of buying this to run with straight BRP rules...Anyone have it? Thoughts?
  19. Raleel

    Mythras Hyborian Age Character Pack + Resources 1.0

    This is a collection of Mythras characters done up for a Hyborian Age campaign. The characters are largely with the same point totals, though there may be some variations. The resources directories contains some maps found online as well as a very nice combat style guide created by RangerDan on...
  20. Séadna

    Mythras thread

    Did a search and there didn't seem to be a general thread for Mythras. So I thought I'd start this one with a bit of a look at Mythic Constantinople. The book is divided into the following sections: An introduction The basic history and geography of the city Byzantine culture A look at the...
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