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  1. Rated Aargh

    I ran across this old PBM ad and want to play the game.

    I was looking through an old issue of The Dragon at the prompting of someone in another thread when I ran across this remarkable ad. Not only was it a reminder of days gone by when postal mail was the only way to play remote games feasibly, but it also sounds like something I'd play now if the...
  2. Necrozius

    Scans of old Warhammer catalogues and flyers

    It is about that time of year again, when I ask the 'web if they can help me find something. Back in the 90s, FLGSs used to hand out free mini-pamphlets to promote Warhammer Fantasy and 40K armies. The fantasy ones were green, the 40K were blue. I'd love to find scans of them (or actual...
  3. TristramEvans

    The Big Generation X Nostalgia Thread

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