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  1. CaoCao

    PlayByWhatsapp - more or less any System (Dungeon World preferred) - GM - seeking a single player

    Play Location/Method: 1vs1 play-by-whatsapp Game/System: to be agreed together, Dungeon World preferred Player or GM? I'm the GM in this campaign Time/Frequency: asynchronous chat, so anytime Genre: to he agreed together Current needs: a single player Accept Drop-In Players? No Accept...
  2. L

    Looking for some players for roleplaying in the dystopic city of Sandukar. (Online/Voice)(3+ players)(Thursdays 21:00 Central European Time)

    I'm currently setting up a game for the dystopic neo-noir rpg I posted about a couple of years ago, and looking for players. I would like to have at least three players to get the game of the ground (I currently have one interested player). Are you potentially interested? Thursdays 21:00...
  3. Voros

    Online Talk by Moorcock, Delany and more

    I thought a number of posters here may be interested in this free online event by City Lights in February featuring talks by Moorcock, Delany, Lethem, Doctorow, Fowler and others discussing New Wave sf, James Tiptree, Octavia Butler and more...
  4. Edgewise

    [RPG Pub Club] Come one, come all - DCC online @ March 6th 2018

    This post is to promote the first session of the RPG Pub Club - an online meetup to run games by and for RPG Pub posters. I'm going to be running the DCC adventure Enter the Dagon! It's an amazing gonzo fantasy adventure that takes place at a wizard tournament. And the party wizard is...
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