1. CaoCao

    PlayByWhatsapp - more or less any System (Dungeon World preferred) - GM - seeking a single player

    Play Location/Method: 1vs1 play-by-whatsapp Game/System: to be agreed together, Dungeon World preferred Player or GM? I'm the GM in this campaign Time/Frequency: asynchronous chat, so anytime Genre: to he agreed together Current needs: a single player Accept Drop-In Players? No Accept...
  2. SJB

    Who is the most influential living game designer?

    I don’t know why my mind turned to this, probably listening to Fear of a Black Dragon. My heart is with Marc Miller: essentially every SFRPG in existence is either Traveller derived or consciously trying not to be Traveller. However, I’ll plump for Vincent Baker. He designed (with Meguey...
  3. _Bubble_Bobble

    Interview to Vincent Baker

    A few days ago I had the chance to interview Vincent Baker, one of the greatest innovators in the field of role-playing games. His Apocalypse World started the PbtA trend. Towards the end, his wife Meg, also a game designer, joins us. It's amazing how such a strong synergy, in the family and at...
  4. Smith

    Interest Check: Ironsworn

    DriveThruRPG Link - the PDF is free! TL;DR a mythical, iron-age inspired Scandinavian island/continent with a beleaguered peoples struggle to survive. Amidst them, the player characters are adventurers of some kind who swear vows and are honour-bound to complete them. It's based on PBtA so I...
  5. Voros

    Sex Moves - The Thread

    Okay so since the controversial 'sex moves' of Apocalypse World often come up when discussing it or even other PbtA games that don't have them (the vast majority don't btw) I thought it would be good to have a thread with the actual rules for reference available for those who don't have the game...
  6. Stan

    Best rpgs for low combat games?

    Suppose you might want to run a campaign where killing wasn't the focus. What system would you use? Examples ideas: corporate office is teleported to a desolate plane but the bosses pretend it's still business as usual, a dating simulator in a fantasy world where you can't advance far in...
  7. Voros

    Codex Vol. 1 - Zine Compendium of Short RPG Games

    So I got my hardcover of Codex Vol. 1 today. It is a compendium of thirteen broadly themed (e.g. blood, madness, neon) RPG zines focusing on unusual, short games and supplements for d6, PbtA, weirdo DW, LARP, story and experimental games. It is 289 pages of dense gaming material but very well...
  8. Voros

    Offworlders by Chris P. Wolf - World of Dungeons meets Traveller

    So I finally got around to reading this free sf game by Chris P. Wolf that has been sitting on my cloudstorage for a while. I found it quite nifty. Art is by Olivia Gulin. Simple and cartoony, I like it. Not sure why we're looking at the someone's back on the cover though. This is a PbtA...
  9. Voros

    The Great American Novel: A Literary Storygame

    So this guy designed The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth, which I’ve heard good things about (as usual the review on OBS is the same guy who complains when anyone uses PbtA to make something other than AW or DW) is now Kickstarting The Great American Novel. Which seems like a Storygame that is...
  10. Silverlion

    Anyone familiar with PbtA games?

    Anywhere really familiar with PbtA (Powered by the Apocalypse) engine?
  11. Voros

    Girl Underground - Pbta Game for Alice, Wizard of Oz, etc

    I think this looks cool, I've listened to one of the designers talk about it on The Gauntlet podcast and it seems to have a nice emphasis on a rules light approach to PbtA with the traditional AW strengths of clear GM structure. A different aspect of the game is the players take turns playing...
  12. Voros

    Kult: Divinity Lost (2018) Horror RPG Not for the Faint of Heart

    @Trippy and @Edgewise talking about this convinced me to take the plunge and I ordered a hardcopy, reading the pdf and about half way through The Black Madonna campaign while I wait for it to arrive. First off, yes it is a modified PbtA mechanic. If you hate that system this won't change your...
  13. Lessa

    Powered by the Apocalypse

    I didn't find a thread to talk about PbtA games in general, so here it goes. Post your questions, experiences or whatever you feel like. Something curious I've found today: you know those suggested names in the Gunlugger playbook in AW? They're all names of Rutger Hauer characters from his...
  14. Voros

    [PbtA] Cartel: A Mexican Narcofiction

    Cartel is a Powered by the Apocalypse game by Mark Diaz Truman who was one of the designers of the excellent Urban Shadows, one of the best PbtA games. Cartel is a tabletop RPG in which players portray bold narcos, naive spouses, and dirty cops caught up in Mexico's eternal drug war...
  15. Voros

    [PbtA] Ross Rifles - Canadian WWI Game

    With the explosion of online rpg design and publishing I like that people can pursue real 'niche' ideas. Ross Rifles is a PbtA (Powered by the Apocalypse) narrative style rpg set among Canadian soliders on the Western Front. As a Canuck I find the premise intriguing. And that is one pretty...
  16. Voros

    Undying (2016) a PbtA 'hack' of Vampire the Masquerade

    So I never really played Vampire the Masquerade. I bought the rule book and perhaps the Werewolf one as well, read it but never played it. Mainly because it was right around the time I entered university and had to give up RPGs due to time and money constraints but also because it was never...
  17. Voros

    A Listing of Powered by the Apocalypse Games

    A useful list with links to the many PbtA games that is close to comprehensive and does get updated.
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