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  1. soltakss

    Announcing the Basic Roleplaying System Reference Document and Open Game License

    As I think it would be highly unlikely that MOB posts here, I thought I'd link the post on BRP Central. Chaosium is pleased to announce the release of the Basic Roleplaying System Reference Document (SRD). The Basic Roleplaying SRD is based on Basic Roleplaying, the simple, fast, and elegant...
  2. tenbones

    Of Mythras, Runequest, Glorantha, Edition wars, and where to start???

    So I've been seriously wanting to dig into Runequest/Mythras for some time. I want to read it, absorb it and put it in my back pocket for when my players least expect it and whip it out, and go BOOM! This is what we're doing... (and hopefully they'll bite. I've been taking them out of their...
  3. Harl Quinn

    Nuke-Con 2018 - The After Action Report

    So, now that I've recovered from my return to Nuke-Con, I'm posting here my after-action report for Nuke-Con 2018. Pre-con prep did not go as well or as quickly as I had planned. My computer was vastly bloated with files (I'm a pack rat when it comes to articles and PDFs), so its functionality...
  4. Harl Quinn

    Pendragon - Sons of Logres (Chargen/OOC)

    Intro Music Character Generation Character generation is handled using the rules presented in Chapter Two of the Pendragon 5th edition rulebook (5.0, 5.1, and 5.2). As the starting year is 494 and not 485, we will not be using the Salisbury Family History (at the beginning of Chapter 3). If...
  5. TheophilusCarter

    The Great Pendragon Thread

    Just reading up on it here, sounds pretty cool! I'd be curious to her how it plays.
  6. Harl Quinn

    [Pendragon/Paladin] Whither Paladin in PDF?

    So tonight I read the review of Paladin on Rolling Boxcars and my interest is piqued. Being a GM who has run Pendragon, I've often wondered how to go about running a game set long after Arthur's demise. My only frustration - the PDF is evidently out, but not available on Nocturnal's online store...
  7. Ronnie Sanford

    Status of Before Iron from Nocturnal

    Can anyone from Nocturnal provide a status of Before Iron. Does anyone else know anything about it? For those that don't already know, Before Iron is a Pendragon-like game set in the time of ancient Greek myths. It was written by Ian Williams and used to be called Age of Bronze.
  8. Harl Quinn

    Chaosium Digests and such

    Ages ago, when the Internet was still new to me, I was on the mailing list for the Chaosium Digest and a few other digests, like a Pendragon mailing list and such. I've packed around these items for ages and have watched as their archives have disappeared from the web. That being said, would...
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