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  1. E

    Tell me about the adventures you've had in Rifts

    Pretty much just what it says in the title. I'd love to hear your stories. I've never played Rifts as such, but I've always liked the concept, and I do routinely pull things from the Savage Rifts books for my dimension-hopping Savage Worlds campaign.
  2. Ulairi

    Palladium's 20 Years of Christmas Joy

    Palladium Book's is having the twentieth anniversary of their Christmas Grab Bags. I remember getting mine, twenty years ago, through mail order via The Rifter. For those of unaware for $46 + Shipping you'll get on average between $90 and $100 worth of stuff. People give a list of about 10 items...
  3. Voros

    Palladium Games - The Thread

    I noticed a lot of Palladium talk in the GURPS thread so I thought we should have a thread here for everything not Palladium Fantasy which already has a thread here. I have Ninjas and Superspies and TMNT mainly out of curiousity since Eric Wujcik wrote them. Interested in hearing more about...
  4. Necrozius

    [Rifts] PC power level disparity

    For my upcoming Savage Rifts campaign, the players will be doing Session Zero (when they all make characters together). So far, we have a Seasoned Captain, a Spell caster, a Glitter Boy and a Dragon. I've never had to face such a challenge of handling such wildly different character concepts...
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