role playing game

  1. Voros

    Get in the Van - Punk/Thrash/Glam Tour RPG

    This looks cool, the designer also did the fun Dead Mall rpg: Discussed on the Vintage RPG podcast:
  2. Voros

    Favourite or Best Original RPG Fantasy Setting?

    Okay, another thread here got me thinking what I consider the best fantasy setting created, more or less, expressly for an rpg. I know technically that Runequest prefigures the rpg (as does Tékumel) but I'm gonna give it a pass as it came to its current fame through the rpg. Maybe that's a...
  3. Vladar

    Into the Dungeon: Revived

    ItDR is a lightweight fantasy-themed role-playing ruleset designed for a streamlined gameplay. Gather your friends, grab some dice, and dive into the world of sword and sorcery adventures of your own creation! Fresh v2.2 is just released: grab it for free at its home page or at In...
  4. Rob Necronomicon

    I'm looking forward to Blade Runner.

    Looks like the KS is coming in early May. Apparently, the main focus is on investigation, and no real surprise here, of course, you play Blade Runners. I think it'd be fun to play Replicants as well (I hope they have that option or at least a supplement). I was a massive fan of the original...
  5. Skywalker

    Avatar Legends: Avatar the Last Airbender RPG - USD1m in 1 day

    OK, it hasn't quite go to $1m yet, but its made $875k in around 9 hours so I am sure it will hit that mark by 24 hours in. That's an impressive achievement for a tabletop RPG. In comparison, the One Ring based on Lord of the Rings IP and a well regarded 1st edition made around half of that. I...
  6. Scuba Steve

    Making "story" vs letting the story "emerge"

    What's everyone's opinion on the apparent dichotomy that exists between various different philosophies regarding roleplaying? I personally am of the opinion that roleplaying and roleplayers should not attempt to "make a story" through their play. There's better mediums out there for that...
  7. Voros

    R.I.P. Martin McKenna, CoC and FF artist

  8. Séadna

    Let's Read the ALIEN RPG

    So here's a new thread about one of my favourite new RPGs: Fria Ligan's ALIEN. The intention is to go through the book with two main aims: 1. A summary of the rules to help others see if they'd like it 2. Some commentary on the setting material and how it relates to and expands previous...
  9. Voros

    Spaghetti Western RPG?

    I've been looking around and one zine during the latest zinequest aside (that I can't find now due to the shitty search function on KS) I can't seem to find a Spaghetti Western rpg. I don't mean a supernatural or fantasy western where perhaps I could strip out those elements (like Down Darker...
  10. Voros

    Mausritter - Mice Meet OSR

    Questing Beast reviews this cool little OSR game riffing off of Mouseguard and similar 'mice as fantasy fighters' settings and games. The system is based on the supercool Into the Odd so it will be light and probably good for kids. Also comes with a hexcrawl system to get playing right away...
  11. Voros

    Brindlewood Bay - Murder She Wrote meets the Occult

    So the pitch for this game is pretty straight forward: Murder She Wrote Meets the Mythos. PbtA and from what I've read very much based on TV tropes with a different, improv approach to mystery gaming. Knowing the designer Jason Cordova from the excellent Fear of a Black Dragon podcast I suspect...
  12. Stevethulhu

    Solo Roleplaying

    Other than the obvious, such as Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf and other CYOA gsmebooks, what's out there for solo gaming? I know theres The Fantasy Trip, but I seem to have vague memories of solo D&D modules. Possibly BECMI ones? Anyone know more about this neglected but now curious branch of the...
  13. TristramEvans


    So sorta accidentaly happened across this game recently Apparently there wasa Kickstarter I entirely missed about 2 years ago. From Sweden, it describes itself as "A DOOM METAL ALBUM OF A GAME. Rules light. Art heavy. MÖRK BORG is blackened artpunk/osr about ill-fated bastards seeking...
  14. TristramEvans

    Irrational Loves in RPGs

    Figured a feel-good counterpart to the other thread would be good for Pub spirits* "Irrational" here just means you don't need to explain it - anything that pushes your buttons. To get things started - I love the mix of fantasy and cyberpunk in Shadowrun, and really enjoyed the focus on...
  15. Toric

    Help me choose a Secret Agent/Spy RPG

    Alright, I'm putting this out to the pub to help me pick a game. So I'm starting a new game for my face to face crew this weekend. We haven't played in several months due to real-life interferences. I had planned to put Shatterzone on the table but after some additional thought, I am going to...
  16. Smith

    FFG RPGs - Ending Development This is a damn shame. I personally love the SWRPG/Genesys system as it was a breath of fresh air for me., and allowed for the narrative style of RPGing that I love to be so easy to run.
  17. Lessa

    I think I'm enjoying boardgames more than RPGs these days

    Since I met these thematic boardgames full of roleplayish elements like Mansions of Madness, Arkham Horror, Netrunner, Shinobigami, etc. I came to enjoy them more than fullly-fledged tabletop RPGs. Can't precise the reason but I guess these games have a greater action-to-wait ratio than RPGs and...
  18. Lunar Ronin

    DC Universe to Stream DC Heroes

    DC Universe (a WarnerMedia streaming service dedicated to everything DC Comics), just announced a new series: DCU All-Star Games. It will feature celebrities playing tabletop games based on DC Comics, and will be hosted by the WWE's Xavier Woods. The series is scheduled to premiere on Friday...
  19. Voros

    Kuro - Near Future Japanese Horror RPG

    So I know @Ragr posted about his plans for a Kuro campaign but has anyone else read or played it? It looks very up my alley but the pdf is quite pricey. I lost Miko during the Kuro incident. She was driving when the light from the missile exploded over Tokyo. It must have blinded her because...
  20. Voros

    Sex Moves - The Thread

    Okay so since the controversial 'sex moves' of Apocalypse World often come up when discussing it or even other PbtA games that don't have them (the vast majority don't btw) I thought it would be good to have a thread with the actual rules for reference available for those who don't have the game...
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