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  1. Voros

    What are your Results when you Google 'RPG Forum'?

    May be the result of Google knowing where I visit or Cookies but when I Google 'RPG forum' here are my results in order: 1. RPGnet 2. RPGPub 3. RPGCodex 4. RPGSite 5. RPGMaker 6. ENWorld Is this just me or is it similar for y'all?
  2. Stumpydave

    Throwing the werewolf out with the bathwater.

    I'm a big World of Darkness fan. It's probably the only game franchise I've remained invested in and the only one I still play. The first game I brought, after getting more and more interested in this strange and exciting 'Arpeejee' hobby was Werewolf:The Apocalypse 1st ed from the Comix...
  3. Voros

    Attn: Canucks - Four Rogues Trading Company

    A new Canadian distro option for Canucks, ran out of Vancouver from the looks of it with mostly OSR stuff, including OSE and Troika! Nice to have another place to order from with reasonable shipping rates.
  4. Voros

    ENnies Award Nominations & Winners

    So I know it is de rigueur to gripe about the Ennies but I figure we should have a thread here to do it in one place and maybe even discuss the nominees we do like. Honestly, all awards for books, films and games are always silly but for a fan-driven...
  5. Stevethulhu

    Podcast Reccomendations

    Is this in the right sub forum? If not, please move it to where it belongs. Does anyone have any links to good gaming podcasts? I'm being purely selfish here, I spend all day driving a van, so I want something to listen to. So if anyone has any good links, feel free to them here.
  6. Voros

    Osprey Games - Role-playing Games

    We have a few scattered threads dealing with the latest crop of rpgs from Osprey games but I thought it may be nice to have a dedicated thread. Firstly we have our own @BedrockBrendan and Jeremy Bai's excellent Wuxia rpg Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades. I've got this on my Kindle and I was...
  7. Shipyard Locked

    Ugh, moral nausea seeping into my hobby-thoughts

    Can't sleep, but I have to work tomorrow somehow. Ugh. I'm sure you can guess why. Sick and tired of the real world, the real people and their nasty little cultures doing horrid things to each other. Then I go and run adventures in supposed fantasy worlds full of fake people with nasty little...
  8. Voros

    Jon Peterson's New Book: The Elusive Shift

    Jon Peterson has announced his new book The Elusive Shift, following his impressive Playing at the World. I have preordered it for my Kindle, it comes out December 22nd, 2020. Read more about it here.
  9. Imaginos

    What would you use for Veteran of the Psychic Wars?

    I’ve loved BOC since I discovered them in high school. My username is directly from them. A catch line I’ve used a lot is “veteran of the psychic wars”, but what system would you use to run the psychic wars? I’ve pondered in this and considered V&V but my enthusiasm for it wanes. I’ve thought...
  10. Tyberious Funk

    Why Not Supers?

    In 30 years of roleplaying, I've never been able to get a Supers game off the ground. I got close on a couple of occasions, starting a couple of games using DC Heroes, mostly by dressing it up as Totally Not Supers (TM). One game was Buffy-style (before there was a Buffy RPG), with PCs playing...
  11. Voros

    Brazilian B/X Hack and Numa: Samurai Frogs

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but thought it looks real cool. Same designer also has this game up on, looks like a Monster Hunter meets Moorcock inspired rpg.
  12. A Fiery Flying Roll

    The British Old School Revival (B-OSR)

    Found this blog which I thought was interesting. I'm sure there will be some contention over the name ;) but I'm more interested in the attempts to map the specific British tradition of eighties RPGs and how it differentiates from the American rpg scene. I do agree with what most of the author...
  13. Edgewise

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Here's a random thread to tell people about something cool and role-playing-related that you picked up just the other day! I'll start it off. A few days ago, I saw the Questing Beast review of Mothership and Dead Planet. They sounded really interesting and high-quality, so I picked them...
  14. TristramEvans

    The Worst RPG Covers of All Time

    Here's a thread devoted to those delightfully bad RPG covers, and our hobby has produced more than a few over the years. I'll start with perhaps the most infamously unintentionally awful, by title alone..
  15. TristramEvans

    Kickstarters Thread

    Shameless bit of promotion for a friend and fellow Kubert alumni who did the art... Anyone play this one back in the 80s?
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