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  1. Gamer1970s

    Aralsk-7 RPG

    Aralsk-7 Prospectors of Rebirth Island Loosely based on video games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Chernobylite, as well as the novels "Roadside Picnic" and "Annihilation", in Aralsk-7 RPG players take on the role of scavengers within a government-enforced "Exclusion Zone" on Vozrozhdeniya Island...
  2. Harl Quinn

    [Dragonbane PbP for Learners] Secret of the Dragon Emperor

    Ten years ago, humankind began to return to the Misty Vale, drawn by legends of hidden riches and lost knowledge from the old Dragon Empire... Encouraged by the stories - as well as reports that the savage orc tribes have begun their own exodus from the valley - you strapped on a sword and found...
  3. NotSoCleaver_x

    Looking for play testers

    Thread will be updated soon... " Galactic Warfare is not the most original title out there, yet this Sci-Fi Horror given a chance will let explore the stars in your ship, fighting space pirates and cosmic horrors alike" What's the game really about? It's not exactly choose your own adventure...
  4. V

    Killing hope further update

    A message from the creator: I would like to say that we are amateurs this is my first game we're not great at grammar we've tried different means to improve it we already have gameplay elements in place for this game from weapons to world stats and skill/hope and savagery mechanics the rest of...
  5. Coffee Dragon

    Roll Doubles and DIe

    The core rule book for my game, Roll Doubles and Die is now live on my Kofi. It will be live on DriveThruRPG later tonight. RDAD is a rules-lite and narrative system. Players roll 1d20 + Advantages (1d8s) - Disadvantages(1d6s) against a target number for success. At any time players can roll...
  6. V

    The new world

    "A year ago we made a comic called The New World it was about a Psionic Dwarf Thief who wakes up a Lizardman Mummy in the 1700's a week ago we decided to make it into a game and flesh out it's universe as best we could, we didn't make this game for attention your free to wipe your bleeding ass...
  7. Vladar

    Into the Dungeon: Revived

    ItDR is a lightweight fantasy-themed role-playing ruleset designed for a streamlined gameplay. Gather your friends, grab some dice, and dive into the world of sword and sorcery adventures of your own creation! Fresh v2.2 is just released: grab it for free at its home page or at itch.io. In...
  8. V

    Killing hope: update message

    "Recently views on our game reached a spontaneous amount of growth by hundreds we would like to thank the community for there interest in our game but working on this project is difficult especially the second game as africa is massive and information on the war on terror is kept hidden all i...
  9. MFTN

    Underrated Divinity game

    Hi dear RPG players.. I have question. Have you played ever Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga(Developer's Cut)? Hi dear RPG players.. I have question. Have you played ever Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga(Developer's Cut)? If you played what do you think about this game? I want to write my thoughts...
  10. _Bubble_Bobble

    Interview to Ron Edwards

    Hey guys, this time I interviewed Ron Edwards, the creator of 'Sorcerer', 'Shahida', and 'Spione', co-founder of The Forge, and game theorist. He created the GNS theory of gameplay and The Big Model. What do you think of these models? On Facebook https://fb.watch/dIwjsr-NUF/ and YouTube
  11. T. Kurt Bond

    Announcing Minimal OpenD6, an SRD for Mini Six

    Announcing Minimal OpenD6, an SRD for Mini Six Anybody interested in an SRD for Mini Six? Since Mini Six is under the Open Game License, I have created one for it, Minimal OpenD6. (It does not include the Product Identity portions, of course.) If you just want to read the rules I still think...
  12. UltraBoi

    New and original multiverse recruiting (players and moderators)

    Hello. I'm currently looking for experienced players within the play-by-post community that are willing to help with the finishing touches of a universe that will amaze most players. It's a completely original multiverse accepting most characters and the forum that I created has a decent design...
  13. V

    VoxStory - The Cinematic TTRPG! - Kickstarter Preview Page Now Live!

    Follow the link provided and click 'Notify Me on Launch' to be pinged as soon as we go live! Kickstarter Preview Page We'd love to have your backing and support, and we appreciate everything so far. VoxStory. The Cinematic TTRPG. Delve into a world filled with endless possibilities and...
  14. V

    VoxStory - Kickstarter Announced for Cinematic Style RPG!

    We are currently working on a fantastic and exciting upcoming 'cinematic' roleplaying game, VoxStory. Our Kickstarter has been announced and will be launched next month! Bringing your typical TTRPG's to life. With VoxStory, you don't just have to imagine it, you can see your story become...
  15. drakkarmaster

    App for Boardgamers and RPG fans

    Greetings RPG Pub community, how are you? :smile: We re Drakkarti, a startup that develops apps to assist players in several RPG games and boardgames. We invite you to discover Rolld, a free app that generates different types of dices (numeric, alphanumeric, for RPG, for table games...
  16. Voros

    GRIMLITE - Skirmish Game by Chris McDowall

    Chris McDowall (Into the Odd, Bastionland) has released the latest draft of his 'narrative skirmish game.'
  17. C-Moon

    Biggest enemy and/or battle you’ve encountered?

    With Dragon Con 2020 not long finished, I was reading through/watching several game sessions and seeing all the awesome fights and adventures people went through. It made me remember the big events of past TTRPG sessions I’ve played/GM’d. Question: What’s the biggest enemy and/or battle you’ve...
  18. C-Moon

    24hrs in any realm/universe you want. Where, why, and what do you do?

    Just a fun hypothetical! You can go to any TTRPG universe/realm/plane of existence, where do you go, why do you go there and what do you do while you're there? Anywhere you want for any reason 5e, SWADE, Suzerain, Cthulhu, Warhammer etc. just has to be TTRPG! For me: Either Waterdeep city...
  19. DagBateway

    Free tokens, tents and paper minis generator!

    Hi everyone, I've built https://rpgtokens.com/ It's a free web tool that allows you to create, save and print tokens, minimal monster tents, and paper minis for your tabletop games. You can generate them using an image URL or directly from Dropbox. You can then glue them to felt pads, domes...
  20. Voros

    Troubleshooters: The Makers of Kult doing a Tintin-like RPG!

    So Helmgast, the company behind the excellent reboot of Kult are going to be releasing a game called The Troubleshooters based on Tintin-like adventure Eurocomics. Certainly a change of pace from the horrors of Kult!
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