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  1. Stevethulhu

    Podcast Reccomendations

    Is this in the right sub forum? If not, please move it to where it belongs. Does anyone have any links to good gaming podcasts? I'm being purely selfish here, I spend all day driving a van, so I want something to listen to. So if anyone has any good links, feel free to them here.
  2. TristramEvans

    GURPs vs FATE

    At least two of the threads today seem headed in this direction, again, so I thought I'd try an experiment. Obviously, no subject directly related to RPGs is verboten here at The Pub, but some are much more contentious (and a headache for staff) than others, and this one tops that list. But it's...
  3. Stan

    Best rpgs for low combat games?

    Suppose you might want to run a campaign where killing wasn't the focus. What system would you use? Examples ideas: corporate office is teleported to a desolate plane but the bosses pretend it's still business as usual, a dating simulator in a fantasy world where you can't advance far in...
  4. Voros

    itch.io & TTRPGS

    Paul Czege (designer of My Life with Master and The Clay that Woke) recently posted about all the ttrpg activity on itch.io: Elsewhere on the interwebs some have taken offense to Czege's 'tone' but I think that's missing the bigger point which is, as I've also noticed recently, itch.io has...
  5. Voros

    D&D and Baseball; or, Robert Coover Fights the Robot Umps

    A fun piece about Robert Coover's cult novel The Universal Baseball Association Inc., baseball and tangently but interestingly D&D. Include some good insights into the relationship between the GM and the players, control, dice and randomness in RPGs I think.
  6. Voros

    The Great American Novel: A Literary Storygame

    So this guy designed The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth, which I’ve heard good things about (as usual the review on OBS is the same guy who complains when anyone uses PbtA to make something other than AW or DW) is now Kickstarting The Great American Novel. Which seems like a Storygame that is...
  7. Voros

    Blog Posts with Cool Gameable Content

    With the death of G+ I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread of cool gameable content and art posted to blogs, OSR and otherwise. What inspired this was this recent post by Ben L with art by Evlyn M. White Jungle Races: Plumed Reavers & Mole Rat People
  8. Harl Quinn

    Convention Games - How do YOU do it?

    So, after a two-year or so hiatus, I'm jumping back into the convention scene in my area with both feet. But I'm not asking for advice here. What I'm interested in is discussing how YOU do conventions as GMs. With me, it's been a constant journey. When I started, I was a Bounty Hunter for...
  9. Voros

    RPGs in Japan

    This is a pretty cool video with Andy Kitkowksi, who has translated a number of Japanese RPGs into English, about the RPG scene in Japan. Some quick take aways: - It's kinda cool that CoC is the most popular RPG in Japan (discussed around 2:40). - So Sword World is the most popular fantasy...
  10. Llew ap Hywel

    The best RPG blogs

    On the back of the OSR blog post, and our own Doc Sammy’s post what are some of the best RPG blogs out there? And if your in the mood to say so why. No need to repeat the ones in the threads mentioned, you can if you want but I’m already checking them out, and bonus points if it’s...
  11. Harl Quinn

    Gamer ADHD - Fight It Or Embrace It?

    So, having come back from a four-day break in which I attended a relative's funeral, I am - for whatever reason - facing a case of what I can only call/diagnose as gamer ADHD. I'm running one PbP game already here, but I'm itching to start up another... Rather than just jump right in, I'd like...
  12. Voros

    RPGs Charted by Word Count

    A great chart sorting various RPGs by word count showing that some of the OSR complaints about modern rule sets being overwritten are...let's say, selective. I'm not just posting the chart here so people have to actually read the context and other considerations (PF doesn't include the bestiary...
  13. Voros

    Bundle of Holding Thread

    [MODERATOR'S NOTE: This thread is exclusively for bundles offered through Bundle of Holding. Allen Varney does an excellent job responding to questions and customer service here, so deals from other services should be posted in our Discount Thread.] Rather than posting a new thread for every...
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