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  1. M

    What Was Gygax Thinking?

    This is revisionist history. Old school D&D explicitly had balanced encounters, and called them dungeon levels. Each level lower you had progressively more difficult encounters. Challenge ratings were introduced in 3rd Edition along with the 'Back to the Dungeon' motto, and just tied it to party...
  2. S

    The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg

    We are about the Launch the Kick Starter for 2nd printing of, The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg. by Greg Svenson. Follow the project here: This second edition is only different from the first because of one sentence which reads: "An Official Blackmoor Setting." Order one while you can.
  3. SavAce

    Thoughts on Initiative Rules in RPGs

    For whatever reason I've been thinking about Initiative rules in RPGs lately and wondered what other people thought. I don't have 1 way of doing initiative that I universally prefer, but there are thoughts... 1. D&D 5e: All PCs have individual initiative based on a Dex modified d20 roll...
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