1. Séadna

    Let's read GURPS Alpha Centauri

    In 1999 Firaxis Games released "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri" for the PC. A God game where the player guides the development of human civilization on Chiron, known in game as "Planet", a mostly habitable world orbiting Alpha Centauri A. Throughout I'll just use Planet. The story woven by the game...
  2. Z-Man

    Fate Core Sci-Fi Character Sheet 1.0

    This was designed specifically for the Strange Stars setting, but should work for any Fate Core sci-fi game.
  3. Harl Quinn

    [MgT1e/Cepheus Engine] Sanity... In... SPAAAAAAAACE!!!

    So, the OTU has PCs dealing with the secrets of the Ancients and even the Primordials from time to time, but nary a word is said as to how that really affects a character's sanity, let alone their understanding of how (and why) humans were scattered throughout the stars (as well as why the...
  4. Harl Quinn

    (Play-by-Post) Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles, and Worse - The Reboot

    Spinward Traders LIC is looking for people willing and able to act as traders and shippers throughout the Marches... Applicants must be capable of dealing effectively with: Scoundrels Rogues Nobles and Worse Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles and Worse (or Traveller: SRNW for short) is a...
  5. Harl Quinn

    (Interest Check) If I were to run a PBP Traveller game...

    So, I'm running a Firefly-esque Traveller game IRL where the PCs are an eclectic bunch of unlikely heroes destined to become Big Damn Heroes/pirates in their own right. However, I can't get enough. So, if I were to run a Traveller play-by-post game here, there are some things I'd like to know...