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  1. NotSoCleaver_x

    Looking for play testers

    Thread will be updated soon... " Galactic Warfare is not the most original title out there, yet this Sci-Fi Horror given a chance will let explore the stars in your ship, fighting space pirates and cosmic horrors alike" What's the game really about? It's not exactly choose your own adventure...
  2. Voros

    Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future

    Trailer dropped.
  3. Voros

    [Vimeo] Bill, the Galactic Hero by Alex Cox and students at the University of Colorado

    The internet sometimes justifies itself. Alex Cox, the director of Repo Man and Sid & Nancy, wrote the screenplay for this adaptation of Harry Harrison's classic sf spoof Bill, The Galactic Hero and it was made by the film students at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
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