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  1. Trenacker

    Racing the Darkness: A Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Fan Fiction Photo Essay and Megagame Setup

    Overview This is a fictional account of the United Nations Expedition to Alpha Centauri featured in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, a 1999 computer game. I am presenting this material in the form of a photo essay. In 2014, an earlier version of this content was the basis for a megagame, known as a...
  2. Voros

    Online Talk by Moorcock, Delany and more

    I thought a number of posters here may be interested in this free online event by City Lights in February featuring talks by Moorcock, Delany, Lethem, Doctorow, Fowler and others discussing New Wave sf, James Tiptree, Octavia Butler and more...
  3. Voros

    Starfaring by Ken St. Andre released

    This has been available online for a while but happily it now has been officially released legit. It is a fun little game and quite a time capsule.
  4. Voros

    Pulp/Sf/Fantasy Paperback Covers

  5. Voros

    Peter Weller on Robocop and Verhoeven

    Apparently he is now a film professor. Enjoy.
  6. Smith

    HBO's Westworld

    We had a similar discussion thread for The Watchmen (which is an awesome show, check it out if you haven't) so I wondered if we had many members also watching Westworld. Wife and I loved Season 1 - the finale was so satisfying and yet left so many more questions unanswered. Season 2 was a...
  7. Z-Man

    Fate Core Sci-Fi Character Sheet 1.0

    This was designed specifically for the Strange Stars setting, but should work for any Fate Core sci-fi game.
  8. Voros

    Mobieus' Album Cover Art for Hendrix

    I would kill to get my hands on this French LP with Moebius' art. The other Hendrix inspired pieces by Moebius are typically amazing.
  9. xanther

    World, Atmosphere, Terrain & Government Classification Schemes (System Neutral) version 1

    This is a condensed (much material removed) version of my homebrew star system design notes. I kept the parts related to world description and government description. Just following up on an off the cuff promise of a while back to provide same.
  10. Voros

    Penguin Paperback SF Covers

    Someone on the Tabletop RPG Book Club on G+ posted this cool link to an overview of Penguin’s paperback sf covers over the years. I have a number of these. Some of favourites are the modernist abstract art covers they used for the Brian Aldiss edited anthology of sf short stories. I also...
  11. Harl Quinn

    [OOC] Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles, and Worse

    This is the OOC thread for Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles, and Worse. The IC thread is here. Here is a reiteration of the posting rules: or Above all, stay in-character in the in-character thread, and out of character in the out of character thread. Proper grammar, spelling, and...
  12. Harl Quinn

    [IC] Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles and Worse

    OPENING MONTAGE We see the free trader enter another system and separate from the convoy to dock at a highport station. The scene pivots to follow an Empress Marava-class far trader leaving the station to jump outsystem. We follow the far trader through jumpspace and into a frontier system...
  13. Ronnie Sanford

    Looking for a copy of Chaosium's Worlds Beyond

    Hi all, My copy of World's Beyond is nearly in tatters and I would like to replace it. Does anyone have a copy in very good condition (or better) they would sell? Please let me know if you do as I would love to take it off your hands. Mods if I put this note in the wrong place feel free to...
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