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  1. Voros

    Starfaring by Ken St. Andre released

    This has been available online for a while but happily it now has been officially released legit. It is a fun little game and quite a time capsule.
  2. Voros


    Ralph Lovegrove of the very good Fictoplasm podcast has an updated beta version of his OSRish D&D/PbtA take on the classic Stormbringer! game and world of Elric up for free on here: He talks about it more on his podcast (which...
  3. tenbones

    Of Mythras, Runequest, Glorantha, Edition wars, and where to start???

    So I've been seriously wanting to dig into Runequest/Mythras for some time. I want to read it, absorb it and put it in my back pocket for when my players least expect it and whip it out, and go BOOM! This is what we're doing... (and hopefully they'll bite. I've been taking them out of their...
  4. Ronnie Sanford

    Just uploaded rules for freeform magic in BRP type games

    Find it here at
  5. Ronnie Sanford

    Freeform Magic for BRP games 2.1

    The Second Way (TSW) is a set of homebrew freeform magic rules for Chaosium’s Magic World setting. The goal of TSW is to provide a definitive yet flexible way for crafting and scaling spells. Inspired by Chaosium’s Deep Magic and Atlas Game’s Ars Magica, TSW changes Deep Magic’s spheres and...
  6. Harl Quinn

    Chaosium Digests and such

    Ages ago, when the Internet was still new to me, I was on the mailing list for the Chaosium Digest and a few other digests, like a Pendragon mailing list and such. I've packed around these items for ages and have watched as their archives have disappeared from the web. That being said, would...
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