1. Voros

    R.I.P. Tom Verlaine of Television

    One of the Kings has left the building. RIP. Hard to top the title cut. The 33 1/3rd book on MM is my pick for best researched and written book of the whole series. Any poseur who tells you this ain't punk rock cause they can play and have long guitar solos deserves a swift kick to the...
  2. Voros

    Magnum P.I. - So much going on here

  3. Apparition

    DC Universe to Stream DC Heroes

    DC Universe (a WarnerMedia streaming service dedicated to everything DC Comics), just announced a new series: DCU All-Star Games. It will feature celebrities playing tabletop games based on DC Comics, and will be hosted by the WWE's Xavier Woods. The series is scheduled to premiere on Friday...
  4. Voros

    Historian & Prop Master Fact Check Weapons from GoT to 300

    Another fun video. Cool to find out the source of the terms freelancer and blackmail.
  5. Voros

    Bow Hunter Breaks Down Bow & Arrow Scenes from Movies & TV

    Fun video.
  6. Akrasia

    Colbert interview about Dungeons and Dragons

    In this interview Stephen Colbert and actor Joe Manganiello spend about 9 minutes talking about (almost) nothing other than Dungeons and Dragons. Truly, we live in a very different world than the one in which I lived as a teen... I have to confess that I had no idea who Manganiello was before...
  7. Voros

    A Chronology of D&D in Popular Media

    The Analog Game Studies site is an academic site dedicated to analogue table top games, including RPGs, board and card games and experimental games of all sorts. The articles are, not surprisingly, hit or miss but this recent one that tracks media portrayls of people playing D&D and the modern...
  8. Voros

    [Youtube] D&D in the News! Then and Now

    I came across this video of a 60 Minutes 'report' on D&D in 1985 and thought I'd share it. It shows just how mainstream the Satanic Panic ideas were in the 80s (I recall hysterical reports about Satanic covens on Oprah!). Patricia Pulling may seem a unpleasant woman but I read about the suicide...
  9. noman

    TV recommendation thread

    Recommend your favorite television show, cartoon, or anime. Do it! You know you wanna.
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