the 1980s

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  1. Voros

    Sword & Sorcery and Fantasy Films

    Funny enough although I know we've had extensive conversations on the subject we don't seem to have a thread dedicated to S&S and fantasy films. In English language film the success of Conan led to a bunch of knock-off S&S films in the 80s, many produced by the exploitation arm of the dying...
  2. Voros

    Magnum P.I. - So much going on here

  3. Franko77

    Fighting Fantasy, childhood, and games

    The thread on go-to games for a D&D experience brought up a few mentions of Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Roleplaying Game/Advanced Fighting Fantasy. What I'm interested in here is the actual Fighting Fantasy game books and the role they played in your "gaming life". Weirdly, I'd like to...
  4. TristramEvans

    The Big Generation X Nostalgia Thread

  5. TristramEvans

    Battletech! The Future of the 80s Forever!

    There's one aspect of 1984 Orwell coudn't have predicted...giant fighting robots! Battletech. Its one of those iconic composite names from my childhood like Star Wars or He-man, that's taken on an identity and resonance all it's own. Battletech was actually the first miniatures game I ever...
  6. Voros

    D&Dploitation; Summer of Sleaze: The Exploitation of James Dallas Egbert III

    Grady Hendrix is an amusing and entertaining writer and his blog posts on old horror and sf paperbacks are always a good read. HERE he discusses the supposedly 'non-fiction' book by William Dear THE DUNGEON MASTER that was the real spark to the Satanic Panic around D&D in the 80s. He also...
  7. Voros

    Top 10 Dragon & White Dwarf Covers of the 80s

    A good selection of Dragon from Film Goblin blog. And The Daily Dwarf offered his Top 10 from White Dwarf in response.
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