the fantasy trip

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  1. Séadna

    Melee - Kenji vs Flavius

    So the samurai Kenji (myself) vs the Centurion Flavius (@Gringnr ). Kenji starts in 0101, Flavius in 0807 Rules: Trees require a successful "roll to miss" to throw something through. See p.15. However they can be moved through as normal. Moving across a river requires two movement points
  2. Séadna

    Melee Fights

    So this is a thread to set up battles using MELEE by Steve Jackson Games. I was thinking of starting off with this little map (happy to accept a better one if anybody has it): Grid numbers so we can say where we are moving, each post is somebody's turn and we can use for rolls...
  3. M

    The Fantasy Trip

    The new edition of The Fantasy Trip (TFT) was recently released in pdf form to Kickstarter backers and will be rolled out to the general in various pieces and formats over the coming months. If you are new to the party, this is an official revival of the line of combat-focused board games...
  4. Voros

    The Fantasy Trip (1978-80)

    With the impending release of The Fantasy Trip I thought it might be good to have a thread revisiting this game. Not sure what Steve Jackson's plans are, to re-release the original rules set untouched, tweak it, re-design or some combination thereof. But the originals are still out there...
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