the gauntlet

  1. Lessa

    Trophy RPG

    Anyone seen this? Apparently a rules-light Dark Fantasy game that mixes Cthulhu Dark with Blades in the Dark elements, and has seen some success in indie circles. A kickstarter hapenned earlier in the year and funded pretty fast.. What got me was this character sheet, I'm a bitch for...
  2. Voros

    Free from the Yoke - Low Magic Russian Legacy Game

    This game, based on the PbtA game Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (but it is stand alone) sounds cool. It is discussed here on The Gauntlet podcast at 14:51. It is set in medieval Russia with some low magic rituals where you play competing and scheming Houses. You’ve won your revolution...
  3. Voros

    Codex Vol. 1 - Zine Compendium of Short RPG Games

    So I got my hardcover of Codex Vol. 1 today. It is a compendium of thirteen broadly themed (e.g. blood, madness, neon) RPG zines focusing on unusual, short games and supplements for d6, PbtA, weirdo DW, LARP, story and experimental games. It is 289 pages of dense gaming material but very well...
  4. Voros

    Girl Underground - Pbta Game for Alice, Wizard of Oz, etc

    I think this looks cool, I've listened to one of the designers talk about it on The Gauntlet podcast and it seems to have a nice emphasis on a rules light approach to PbtA with the traditional AW strengths of clear GM structure. A different aspect of the game is the players take turns playing...
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