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  1. GiantToenail

    Any good toolkit books for the different genres of ttrpg out there?

    Looking through my copy of mythras has got me thinking about modifiers, bonuses, roll percentages, and using the existing rules as creatively as possible, to the point where I want to look at other ttrpg systems in more depth and what I can scratch together from looking at other folk's takes at...
  2. SJB

    Who is the most influential living game designer?

    I don’t know why my mind turned to this, probably listening to Fear of a Black Dragon. My heart is with Marc Miller: essentially every SFRPG in existence is either Traveller derived or consciously trying not to be Traveller. However, I’ll plump for Vincent Baker. He designed (with Meguey...
  3. V

    The new world

    "A year ago we made a comic called The New World it was about a Psionic Dwarf Thief who wakes up a Lizardman Mummy in the 1700's a week ago we decided to make it into a game and flesh out it's universe as best we could, we didn't make this game for attention your free to wipe your bleeding ass...
  4. NinjaWeasel

    Pirates of Drinax... Using It In Other Settings?

    Yesterday I got my physical copy of Pirates of Drinax and it looks very cool so far. Now, despite having a large amount of books for Mongoose Traveller 1st edition and Cepheus Engine, I'm thinking of running this with a totally different system AND a different setting too. Because I just have to...
  5. Harl Quinn

    House rules (as seen online/in magazines!)

    Dovetailing from the "Reboot that game!" thread, one of the things I find interesting about RPGs is the number of house rules and mods people have come up with. It was one of the things that brought me back to the pages of Dragon Magazine back in the days of AD&D 1e, 2e, and D&D 3.x. Has anybody...
  6. Black Vulmea

    Traveller solo adventure log [NSFW]

    Just as it says on the tin: an [NSFW]* adventure log of the free trader Reckless Abandon - 'the Wreck' - and its crew, as seen through the eyes of her captain, Mul Farzef, and his daily logbook: Space Truckin' I considered trying to do this every day, and almost did this past week, but I know I...
  7. Black Vulmea

    Traveller News Service random news generator 2021-03-20

    This freeware from 2004 generates random news stories from the Travellers News Service;
  8. Voros

    Marc Miller has a Novel Out

  9. Edgewise

    Interest check: Wizard Tournament or Classic Mystery?

    Hey folks, I have a burning desire to GM yet another game, and I have two very specific and different options in mind. Hence the poll. Let me describe these options. The first option is the classic Traveller adventure Murder on Arcturus. This is a science-fiction murder-mystery, and it's famous...
  10. T

    [Traveller] Evil Space Empires!

    Given a SF setting where there might be reliable but slow FTL travel (but no FTL comms) -- use Classic Traveller assumptions for ease of thought -- how does one go about building an interstellar polity that asserts itself politically (i.e. passing laws, appointing rulers, etc.) across vast...
  11. Voros

    Offworlders by Chris P. Wolf - World of Dungeons meets Traveller

    So I finally got around to reading this free sf game by Chris P. Wolf that has been sitting on my cloudstorage for a while. I found it quite nifty. Art is by Olivia Gulin. Simple and cartoony, I like it. Not sure why we're looking at the someone's back on the cover though. This is a PbtA...
  12. Black Vulmea

    [Traveller] Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

    On a lark, I decided to roll up a Traveller character. I had a vague idea for a solo trader campaign, inspired by "Speculation Without a Starship" from JTAS 5, something to pass an idle hour. I rolled up the character: 876C88, a good foundation. Rather than my usual scruffy Book 1 free trader...
  13. Black Vulmea

    'You got your D&D in my Traveller!'

    Years ago I ran a Traveller campaign, and one of the players, taking the piss, announced he wanted to run 'a dwarf fighter,' and it got me thinking about the game's implied setting. Early Traveller chargen included many opportunities to earn or take skill in various sorts of edged weapons, most...
  14. Harl Quinn

    [MgT1e/Cepheus Engine] Sanity... In... SPAAAAAAAACE!!!

    So, the OTU has PCs dealing with the secrets of the Ancients and even the Primordials from time to time, but nary a word is said as to how that really affects a character's sanity, let alone their understanding of how (and why) humans were scattered throughout the stars (as well as why the...
  15. Harl Quinn

    [IC] Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles, and Worse - The Reboot

    Date: 131/1116 Location: Darmon's Lucky Star, Regina Downport Startown World/Sector: Regina - Regina Subsector/Spinward Marches 1910 @Krajin and @Daniel Martinez One would think that you wouldn't be able to find a dive on a cosmopolitan world such as Regina, but yet here the two of you are. A...
  16. Black Vulmea

    [Traveller] The Imperial Ministry of Conservation

    Background: I wrote this over a decade ago for an original, 'classic' Traveller campaign and posted it over at Citizens of the Imperium, where it's long-forgotten behind a members-only gateway. I'm re-posting it here, warts and all, in the hope it will find a new audience who can make some use...
  17. Harl Quinn

    (Play-by-Post) Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles, and Worse - The Reboot

    Spinward Traders LIC is looking for people willing and able to act as traders and shippers throughout the Marches... Applicants must be capable of dealing effectively with: Scoundrels Rogues Nobles and Worse Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles and Worse (or Traveller: SRNW for short) is a...
  18. Harl Quinn

    [Traveller] Grapeshot in starship combat

    A while back I read through Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet series and was intrigued by the arsenal the fleet had - hell lances (plasma cannons?), the null field (a disintegrator field), and grapeshot. Yep, grapeshot, you heard right. Now, grapeshot, in the historical sense, was basically large...
  19. Harl Quinn

    [OOC] Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles, and Worse

    This is the OOC thread for Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles, and Worse. The IC thread is here. Here is a reiteration of the posting rules: or Above all, stay in-character in the in-character thread, and out of character in the out of character thread. Proper grammar, spelling, and...
  20. Harl Quinn

    [IC] Traveller: Scoundrels, Rogues, Nobles and Worse

    OPENING MONTAGE We see the free trader enter another system and separate from the convoy to dock at a highport station. The scene pivots to follow an Empress Marava-class far trader leaving the station to jump outsystem. We follow the far trader through jumpspace and into a frontier system...
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