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  1. Voros

    Rings of Power Discussion Thread

  2. thesheeep

    What is it with movies/series making truly ugly characters... just look normal?

    So, I just saw Mortal Engines - honestly, that failure of a movie almost deserves its own thread, there is so much here to tear apart... -. And one of the main characters is supposed to be the this terribly disfigured (extremely scarred, half sliced up face) woman. In the source material...
  3. Smith

    HBO's Westworld

    We had a similar discussion thread for The Watchmen (which is an awesome show, check it out if you haven't) so I wondered if we had many members also watching Westworld. Wife and I loved Season 1 - the finale was so satisfying and yet left so many more questions unanswered. Season 2 was a...
  4. N

    The Witcher

    Just started watching this series so I'm only up to episode 2 but it seems pretty good so far. Definitely dark fantasy, sort of has a Warhammer feel. I'm not familiar with CRPG so can't comment on how faithful it is to them but its watchable and sort of scratches that GoT itch. Anyone else...
  5. Lunar Ronin

    Star Trek: TNG Returns?!

    It was announced today that Patrick Stewart will return as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a brand new Star Trek television series on the CBS All Access video streaming service. No other details have been announced. Please be good. Please be non-graphically violent and non-gory. Please completely...
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