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  1. L

    What games would you like to be reviewed on video?

    I have a small YouTube channel where I review TTRPGs. I'm trying to improve the channel all the time. I was wondering what games would you like reviewed on camera? Also do you have any general ideas for how I can improve? I'm saving for a better camera atm. If you'd like to check it out...
  2. Voros

    Peter Cushing - Wargamer

    Ben Milton posted this video in his latest newsletter.
  3. Voros

    Samurai Sword Master Rates Sword Scenes

    This very cool video uses more than the expected Western sources, including classics like Sword of Doom and Harakiri (both absolute must sees)!
  4. Voros

    Acting Coach Breaks Down Dying Scenes from Films

    Some of the choices here are amusing and deep cuts for film nerds.
  5. robertsconley

    Dice of the 70s

    Jon Peterson of Playing at the World made an excellent video and post about the first generation of dice.
  6. Voros

    Historian & Prop Master Fact Check Weapons from GoT to 300

    Another fun video. Cool to find out the source of the terms freelancer and blackmail.
  7. Nobby-W

    The Comedy Thread: What tickles your fancy?

    Post clips of stand-up acts or other comedic items here. Sometimes we all need a laugh.
  8. Voros

    Roundtable on Disney+ with Lucas and co.

  9. Voros

    Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep - 10 Hrs

    Night y'all.
  10. Voros

    BBC Archive Video About D&D

    Love the Britishness and period detail of this BBC video on D&D. Some of the comments by the players are a bit silly, I can see how an outsider could be very confused by them.
  11. Voros

    [Youtube] D&D in the News! Then and Now

    I came across this video of a 60 Minutes 'report' on D&D in 1985 and thought I'd share it. It shows just how mainstream the Satanic Panic ideas were in the 80s (I recall hysterical reports about Satanic covens on Oprah!). Patricia Pulling may seem a unpleasant woman but I read about the suicide...
  12. A Fiery Flying Roll

    What are you listening to?

    I thought we needed one of these threads. It's a tradition, or an old charter, or something. I am currently listening to Hank Williams sr. To the disgust of my partner, who despises country with a passion.
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