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  1. Rated Aargh

    [Vietnam: 1965-1975] is back and no one told me!

    I was excited to learn that the old Victory Games classic, Vietnam: 1965-1975, was reissued. It's been a couple of years, and I only heard about it today, but it's not too late to nab a copy. Mine!
  2. HamezIsGroot

    Kickstarter Video Drop Drippers

  3. Voros

    Wargames Just Got Sexy

  4. Voros

    GMT Games - Twilight Struggle, Labyrinth, etc.

    A passing remark by Jon Peterson on a YT video interview on the history of wargames led me to the boardgame Labyrinth which looks intriguing. Then I realized this is the same company that did Twilight Struggle, one of those games that you hear a lot about but also look a bit intimidating. But...
  5. Voros

    Osprey Games - Skirmish & Wargames

    I realize Osprey have been around forever and have always released the occasional rpg book and recently have kicked that up a notch with Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades; Jackals; Romance of the Perilous Land and Paleomythic. Which means they probably deserve their own thread in the rpg forum...
  6. Voros

    Peter Cushing - Wargamer

    Ben Milton posted this video in his latest newsletter.
  7. Voros

    Jon Peterson Video on Wargames

    This is an extensive video with Jon Peterson discussing wargames, not even finished yet and it is so excellent I wanted to share it:
  8. Voros

    Wargamers Hating on Fantasy Gaming & D&D

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - Santayana Here's a great blog post exploring the tribal warfare between trad wargamers (a.k.a self declared grognards), fantasy wargamers and D&D players (a.k.a those damn kids!) displayed in the 1970s Battle Magazine. The...
  9. Voros

    Fletcher Pratt's Naval Wargame: Wargaming with model ships 1900-1945

    The History of Wargaming Project have published an expanded version of Fletcher Pratt's naval war game rules, in hardcopy and Kindle. I consider Pratt one of the finest fantasy writers of the first half of the 20th century (The Blue Star, The Well of the Unicorn and the comedic novellas he...
  10. TristramEvans

    Dwarf Miniature Painting Tutorial 2018-01-19

    I put together this pdf quick step-by-step look at painting a 28mm dwarf miniature
  11. Doc Sammy

    Wargaming on the cheap?

    I'd love to get into wargaming (specifically historical wargames, don't have much interest in WH40K or similar fare) but I'm on a fixed income and I must budget out my money carefully each month. So, naturally most wargames and actual miniatures are rather prohibitively expensive. I'm wanting...
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