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  1. GiantToenail

    Any one here homebrewed a weapon category?

    Any setting, any definition of "weapon". For example maybe a weapon that operates like a railgun but requires physic energy to accelerate the payload instead of coils? Or for something more medieval, maybe a category of mace with a hollow shaft that contained a lead ball/smoke bomb that could be...
  2. V

    Killing hope update

    Dear Pub RPG community we are still fleshing out our game based on advice given to us making changes where we can we are also still adding content to the game to flesh out it's universe such as international arms trafficking based on information from sources such as this YouTube Graham Elwood...
  3. Voros

    Historian & Prop Master Fact Check Weapons from GoT to 300

    Another fun video. Cool to find out the source of the terms freelancer and blackmail.
  4. Necrozius

    Favorite old school weapon & armor lists

    I'm planning my upcoming Labyrinth Lord / Beyond the Wall campaign soon. Next thing is setting up a good list of weapons and armor for the PCs. While I'm inviting folks to share whatever they think is best, I'm ultimately going to be on the lookout for anything that happens to satisfy my...
  5. Harl Quinn

    [Traveller] Grapeshot in starship combat

    A while back I read through Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet series and was intrigued by the arsenal the fleet had - hell lances (plasma cannons?), the null field (a disintegrator field), and grapeshot. Yep, grapeshot, you heard right. Now, grapeshot, in the historical sense, was basically large...
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