1. Z-Man

    Fate Core Western Character Sheet 1.0

    An old west-themed Fate Core sheet meant to look like the side of a wooden building, with notes, posters and news clippings tacked to it.
  2. FaerieGodfather

    Galactic Dragons: Immortal Heroes of the Celestial Aether (Semi-OSR d20)

    Based on the interest expressed in What IP/games would you like to see?, I thought I'd start a thread for each of my ongoing gaming/fiction projects to discuss what I'm trying to accomplish. Galactic Dragons grew out of one of my perennial White Whales-- the need to implement the Player's...
  3. FaerieGodfather

    [semi OSR] Galactic Dragons: Immortal Heroes of the Celestial Aether

    That hella pretentious mouthful is the title of the game I'm currently developing-- started off as an attempt to blend the mechanics of Dragonfist and AD&D Player's Option with a much simpler (more BECMI-like) base mechanic. Along the way, it's picked up some elements of ICE and Palladium games...
  4. Endless Flight

    Western: The Roleplaying Game

    I bought the player's handbook on DTRPG and I'm going to try and learn the rules and learn Swedish at the same time. I'm that interested in seeing how this game plays. I'm going to try and create a character and post the results to this thread in an easy-to-understand straight-forward fashion...