wizards of the coast

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  1. Lunar Ronin

    One D&D

    The next version of Dungeons & Dragons has officially been announced, titled One D&D. Unofficially, it's pretty much 5.5E. Wizards of the Coast also announced an official Dungeons & Dragons VTT for One D&D. You can read about that here.
  2. T

    [D&D5] Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

    You can always trust Amazon to slip up.
  3. Voros

    Magic The Gathering in The New Yorker

    A good article as it interested me on a subject I have zero interest in.
  4. T

    D&D5 chatty thread

    You know how it is. Lots of games vying for my attention, but because this hobby is built on network externalities I am once more giving D&D5 material (particularly as it pertains to character creation) a good read. Some stray thoughts: I never liked the Champion and Battle Master subclasses...
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